Inn of the Wayward Soul - Pre-Game RP

Jaroda watched the interplay between the human and the mermaid "Perhaps they are meant for each other," she thought, dreamily thinking of the how love could bridge any gap.

She had come to the inn the day before, and was already eating her dinner this evening, when things began to liven up with the arrival of so many strangers.

This Lamere was... interesting. And the women. And the men. All of them ready to hear about Shelyn.

Isaiah takes the orders for the shark steaks and gets the ales for the others. He looks over at Jaroda with a wink. Anyone else need anything?

To her inquiry about his profession and soon after his name, he paused only a moment to gather his thought while she added to the conversation her own name, consideration from before. As soon as she came to a close, Tanvas, replenished with energy, started. "Tanvas. Bailest. Ain't no use titles like 'Mr.' and the like. It just don't suit me well. And you could say I'm a hunter of sorts... While bounties and mercenary work pays the wages, hunting is what I'll hold true to till I kick it." As he spoke, his hand dived into his shirt and retrieved a thick green scale attached to a rough string. "And this is what I'm looking to kill one day..." He displayed the scale a moment before adding in with a new found fervor in his voice. "A Dragon." His excited grin did not betray his serious, determination for the scale in his hand.

A hand is raised in Isaiah's direction, "You said something about a roast, or was that just stew? Anyway, I want one of those," offers the red-headed Sidryn as she thumps her empty ale mug back onto the bar. "And another one of these, ifn y'don't mind. Good stuff."

The young woman then shifts, stretching her back and rolling her shoulders before spinning on her stool to lean back against the bar and just look around. A shameless eavesdropper, Sidryn let the conversation between the mermaid and her admirer take a good portion of her attention. At seeing the scale, the young woman can't help herself and snorts a bit. "Pffft, Dragons sometimes have the decency to behave," she drawls with a shake of her head. "It's them dragon-worshiping stick-pokers that need to be wiped clean off the face of this good earth," is offered to no one in particular, and with a great deal of bitterness in her voice.

No, it does not seem like Sidryn likes Kobolds. Nope, not one bit.

The door swings open, and a short, squat bundle of rags, twigs, and whiskers ambles into the bar wearing a ridiculously large wide brimmed hat. The size indicates a halfling, but the wild hair and pronounced nose say gnome. The stranger carries a gnarled walking staff adorned with small bones, twigs and beads, and a traveller's bundle on his back. Some of the patrons near the door gawk, while a few others crinkle their noses. The gnome leans his staff against the door and stomps the muck off his feet. As he does, small objects fall from his layers of clothes, including dirt, twigs, random beads, a few mice and a small chicken.

"Off with yeh, freeloaders!" he cries at the critters as they scurry underfoot and out the door. Then, after unsuccessfully trying to smooth his wild white hair with his hands, he turns his glittering eyes on the assembled group and smiles. "Now then, what's this I hear 'bout free libations?"

He climbs up on a barstool with some effort, takes his free ale, and nods to the big dockworker next to him.

Isaiah yells into the back room, Frog, some stew! He then pours some ale for the gnome. (btw, there's a smaller-sized portion of the bar for those patrons who require it). Finally he goes to the young lady at the bar with a full mug. That'll be 2 silver knights, miss.

Sidryn wrinkles her nose, but manages to toss down three silver knights onto the bar - where she pulled them from is unknown, and Sidryn is not telling. "There y'go," she offers with a bit of a shrug. An eyebrow is arched at the gnome and all his ... furry companions, before Sidryn decides her ale is more interesting at the moment.


As she stepped through the doorway into the common room Zynka paused a moment to get a look at the patrons gathered there. Fiercely staring down any who meets her eyes she runs a quick tally in her head of what she sees, Let us see, we have a fighter, farmer, fighter, fighter, fish, far - wait, wha!?!

Caught completely of guard with jaw hanging wide open she stares unabashed in disbelief for a few breaths before giving her head a quick shake and strides towards the bar. Letting the axe head thump to the floor with a bang she props the haft against a stool and drops her pack beside it. Massaging her temples Zynka looks down at Isaiah and says, "A mug of ale, Innkeeper, the road today has been longer than I thought."

Anything for a lady as yourself. Isaiah says pouring a slightly larger than usual mugful.

A pair of large hairy, muscled forearms appears in the hole behind the bar. A large plate of roast with potatoes and greens between them. Here is Soup. a deep voice in broken common says.

Isaiah brings the plate over to the patron asking for it. Four Silver Knights, please.

Lamére grins in response to Tanvas's excitement about the dragon, "I've seen one before you know. The meat's pretty tough. Father killed one that was attacking the castle treasury," she explained as she began to cut into the shark before her. She meticulously cut it into smaller and smaller pieces until each one was barely wider than the two central tines of her fork, then skewered one, bringing it up to her mouth and savouring the flavour. After swallowing the melt in your mouth portion she smiles and says to her new companion, "It seems I'm drawing a few looks! Have they never seen a mermaid before?" she asks, louder than absolutely necessary, most likely to be sure that all listeners could hear her.


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