Inn of the Wayward Soul - Pre-Game RP

Fracko suddenly shakes his head and he snorts, as if he is suddenly coming awake, and he looks around a bit dazed.

"Where am I? Am I even in the right inn?" he looks about, confused and with an apparent touch of senility.

"Yes, yes you are. You were about to come with us on a mission to collect kobold ears," Lamére says with a smile. You don't take advantage of the mentally ill.

Fracko's eyes settle on Lamere. He furrows his brow. "If we take their ears, what are they going to hear with?"

"As I understand it they're causing somewhat of a problem, and won't be needing their ears much longer," she offers, hoping the man will pick up on her meaning.

"Aha," Fracko says, as if he gets her meaning, though his expression indicates otherwise. He touches his nose with one finger and nods. "Is anyone buying any other ears? I think I have a few somewhere," he pats at his pockets. "I happened to make the acquaintance of an especially incompetent barber a town or two back."


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