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Group folks, if you can, let me know your current hp status in the game thread. Zynka has a nifty way of doing it each round. It'll be hard for me to track who to heal without it. No need to post it each time, but let me know periodically.

I keep a current stats spoiler underneath my combat posts. (:

Doh! I think Zynka was doing too much daydreaming, her attack rolls have been pretty sad. A quick glance shows more fails than success, I want new dice please!

I am not sure new dice will be of help...just be happy my dice aren't rolling high either...

Sorry, that's kinda metagaming. Wouldn't your character have to make a heal check to know how hurt someone is.

Depends on how Dru wants to play it. I feel like there shouldn't need to be a check to determine whether someone has a scratch or has a deep, bleeding wound. I see HPs as just a numerical representation of the PCs condition. I'm content to know if someone is unhurt, scratched, wounded, badly wounded, or dying. If he sees a crossbolt sticking out of one of his companions, he'll probably try to heal them.

That said, if Dru wants Heal checks before folks tell me their HP, I'm happy to make them.

I have to say that if everyone rolls 20's this round except for me I'm going to have very mixed emotions, on one hand my group is doing awesome but on the other anger at the stupid dice.

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