Adventurer's Guild - OOC

Also, hehehe, Fracko is a part of our group, Lam. xD

I thought our gracious [DM] was going to do that as well. Cx

Sorry about that. First time DM-ing here on Myth. What would people suggest I use for a grid/mapping tool?

I use the maptools from rptools its a pretty handy set for making up tokens and maps in a snap and its all free so no fuss no muss.

Hahahaha shit. Game just started and I already rolled a 1. WOO! xD

Team 2...everyone might want to finish their equipment lists. Per the creation rules, we get 75% of max gold for our respective classes.

Oh wow, I rolled my max for init and damage (*cries a little*), but my attack roll would have missed your average farmer. But, maybe the kobold is nekked, deaf and asleep in which case I have a chance to hit... what? I could happen!

Got a sick husband home today. Will try to find time to post, but am posting from my phone, after my workout. And posting on the phone SUCKS!


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