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You couldn't possibly have come across more pompous than you just did. One minute you're on about how people ought to discuss whatever they wish in an OOC thread, specifically in regards to rule interpretation. The next, you're asking the dm to make it so I can't even see your game thread?

To All: I do not appreciate players harassing others in RL, I would appreciate the same here. I believe it is a sign of trust between each other that everyone is allowed to read the other group's storyline without infringing on play style of anyone. If I have to, I will do something about it. I have been in other Myth games where there were more than 1 group playing and I did not have the ability to read the other group's storyline. I understand the reasoning for this. I would hope no one playing here will read the other group's storyline, when they have gone a different way or are ahead of where their own group is, and use that knowledge to gain an advantage.

Please accept the way others play, that is all I ask.


DM, how do want spellcasters to handle prepping and determining spells? Should we post here or in the game thread?

The game thread is a good place for spell's memorized.

clarified my action a bit more so that it is my surprise action as opposed to just simple flavor text with initiative...

Is it possible for us to just continue on because clearly we are missing some people.

That's the second time I've heard mention of a character who doesn't want to use its real name, in case it's a demon who wants to know their name to steal their soul.

As far as I know, this is entirely unfounded. Where is this coming from?

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