Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1

The scroll is Arcane, the spell is 'Knock'.

The rest of your time relaxing is uninterrupted. (+1 hp, unless you have a competent 'Healer')

Sorry for the delay in responding. Fracko is a competent healer (Healing=+7). He also is competent with Spellcraft (+7, +9 when near his "collection"...which I assume he carries with him, but that's DM's discretion). I can roll for either, if necessary. Also, am happy to rest where we are. Fracko will sleep, meditate, use the restroom, argue with his owl, and be ready to go.

Need a Heal check from you, Fracko for the Competent Healer. DC is 15.

Everyone receives an additional hp over-night. Where to now?

Current Hp: 19 of 20
Status: None

After slipping back into her armor Zynka straps on her pack before taking a few test swings with her axe. Noting that the extra weight from the loot wasn't a significant increase she grunts with satifaction, resting the haft of the weapon on her left shoulder and looking to her companions to see if they are ready to move. With only one way that lead further in Zynka points south and simply states, "We go that way I guess?"

There's actually 2 ways to go...

"It may be better to cover everything before moving further south," Lamére points out, "That way nothing can sneak up on us from behind."

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