Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1

Perception rolls everyone, please.

Serephelle Hartsil, Lascivious Summoner & Grace, Salacious Eidolon

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Grace Unable to find the game forum too!

Damaris ==>:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 13)
Take a peek down the southern corridor.

As Damaris stares down the hall into the darkness, Zynka turns towards the north-side. Walking silently, though not trying to hide is a dark haired elven woman dressed in a silk kimono of white with purple orchids on the bottom edges. An all white fox trails the woman. In one hand she has a long spear. She grabs the spear in both hands in a defensive position as she notices the large half-orc woman noticing her.

In elven, Friend or foe?

Current Hp: 19 of 20
Status: None

Not understanding a word the elf had said Zynka replies with a quizzical look and a simple, "What?"

Serephelle Hartsil, Lascivious Summoner & Grace, Salacious Eidolon

A little curious, Serephelle steps out into the hall after Damaris and Zynka, Grace trailing directly behind her. "..Zynka? Who are you talking to- oh, another visitor?" She blinks a few times. "Man, looks like we showed up in Grand Central Marketplace or something."

Grace, on the other hand, simply whistles lightly. Leaving her subject amusingly undefined, she merely remarks, "Wow. Cute fox."

The instant Damaris hears the lady speak in elven he whirls, half-caught in a distant memory. Two parts fear, one part exultation.

As Zynka responds without understanding, the ronin snaps back to reality. Different face. Different skin tone. Different lady. Not 'Mela. Good.

He approaches the elf and removes Traduce's Ring from his right index finger. Engraved in the silver band is the letters T and P in elven, designed as a dragon wing. He responds in her tongue.

"Depends, milady. To which swordsman does this emblem belong?"

The elven woman peers at the ring with a quizzical look.I do not recognize your ring; although, it is quite exquisite. She looks back and forth between the four others with some trepidation. I am Kin Jin and this is my fox, Snow. I appear to have walked down the wrong corridor. Does anyone know where Aravella is? The fox stays in front of the woman watching.

Knowledge: Local or Geography (DC20)
- Aravella is a port town many months from your current location. It is on the Imperial Territories continent on the Northwest coast.

Serephelle Hartsil, Lascivious Summoner & Grace, Salacious Eidolon

With a wicked little grin, Grace opens her mouth to say something, but Serephelle, without looking, elbows her in the ribs, and all the sound the succubus makes is a little grunt. Smiling pleasantly, Serepelle inclines her head politely. "Well, I can't say as I've ever heard of Aravella, but then, I don't know much about geography. It's nice to meet another friendly face down here, Kin. I'm Serephelle, and this is Grace." She'll let the other two adventurers introduce themselves.

While the others are doing that, Serephelle whispers sotto voce out of the side of her mouth to Grace, "Grace, what's the other rule about hitting on other adventurers?"

With a whiny huff, Grace mumbles back, "We wait more than half an hour after meeting them to start."

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