Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1

The stern look upon Damaris's face breaks a touch or two at Kin's words. Not at all what he was expecting, that reply; Traduce had a reputation in the village as the world-class swordsman. He nods and replaces his sternness with an uneasy grin, flipping the ring through his digits and back around his index finger with a practiced elegance. While his companions exchange an excited aside, he apologizes in elven but continues in Common.

"Many pardons for my rudeness, milady. I am Damaris Pales, ronin of Duan. I don't know where this Aravella lies, but once we have finished up in this dungeon I'm sure we could be of better assistance."
==> Damaris:
Knowledge (local) Check!:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 10)
Where have you heard Aravella before? Realize you can't remember where and continue on.

Kin Jin bows slightly to the samurai. Thanking you all. In this place it is not wise to walk alone.

So are you going to continue heading south?
Where to?

Serephelle Hartsil, Lascivious Summoner & Grace, Salacious Eidolon

Serephelle grins widely, and inclines her head towards Kin. "The pleasure's ours, to be sure, Kin. You don't look like much of a front line fighter, so you can stick in the middle of the pack with me, if you like."

Grace nudges her mistress in the ribs, still whispering, "Now who's flirting-"

Serephelle whirls around and shoves Grace with both hands, half playfully, half in irritation. "Oh, shut up and guard the rear!" And with that, she starts stalking down the south corridor. Grace, giggling lightly to herself, waits a few moments for everyone else to start moving so she can, in fact, guard the rear approach.

Tell me where you are going...

Glancing to the north, where they came from, and then south where the corridor splits, Damaris's face rankles in indecision. His skills with the sword, as well as his agility, gave him a strong position as point for the group--though Zynka could take more blows should they be surprised from the front.

At least one caster, possibly three bashers. He could fortify the rear-guard with Grace without trial. But then again, so could Zynka. Either way, their ends would be defended...

"I shall take point, then," he says, after a long pause. "The western junction seems promising."
==> Damaris: Assume role and peer into the western junction at U-24.

Serephelle Hartsil, Lascivious Summoner & Grace, Salacious Eidolon

Serephelle offhandedly waves as Damaris suggests the western junction. "That sounds perfectly fine to me. I'm sure we'll find something neat down there. So, Kin, where were you before you ended up here?"

In the rear, Grace just snickers lightly to herself.

Current Hp: 19 of 20
Status: None

Once Damaris indicates a direction Zynka nods her head and follows along. Not intending to be relegated to rear guard as well she moves up to join the ronin. Shrugging slightly Zynka mumbles partly to herself, "Wonder what's else is down here?"

Stupid question #X: Are you going west (left always) heading south (East on map) or West as normal?

The group walks through a arched entryway about ten feet in length to find themselves in a large chamber. The chamber is in shambles, with several destroyed glass-encased pedestals, and strewn across the floor rotted stuffed animals and other offal. On the other side of the chamber is another arched entryway with two doorways on opposite sides of the archway. The left side doorway has no door and the right side is closed.

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