Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1


With the kobolds dead, Tanvas turned about to have a look at the group. They looked quite the formidable force... Against kobolds.It still remained to be seen if they could handle themselves against larger targets, but all in time. He let out a grin for the self-confident mer-wolf.... were-maid.... for Lam. Damaris, though happy was shaping out be unlucky or lacking in combat experience. But atleast he kept focused on the task, removing ears from the fallen creatures. Tanvas would have completely forgotten, having found thrill in battle more important that details.

The cave before them stretched on into abysmal darkness. They stood there looking at it, blankly, silently. "So... Who here really likes caves?" He peered around at everyone looking for input. Not to say he was scared of caves or anything of that sort, but caves did have a reputations of being doors to hell and other planes. Plus the feeling of rock overhead wasn't natural.

Lam shrugged at the question, "Underwater caves are completely different than land caves. I've never been that good at scouting or anything like that. Too much time spent at forge. Have you ever tried to make breastplate using a volcanic geyser?" she smiled ruefully before preparing to move ahead.

The ronin studies the cave mouth for a moment or two, and then glances at the party.

"Caves are caves. Hope someone brought a light source. Looks kind of dark in there. I'll cover our rear if no one objects."


Zynka kneels down beside the corpses and uses whatever clean cloth can be found to remove the gore from her axe and if possible herself. Noticing Tanvas as he begins removing ears she thinks, Ah yes, good thing someone remembered to collect those," before turning to listen as the others talk. Realizing that no one was taking the role of captain and smart enough to know she lacked the skills, Zynka waited as her companions began hashing out marching orders. When Damaris asks about light sources she pipes up, "I can see in the dark if that helps. I'd prefer if I can be ahead of any torches so I don't get blinded too much though."

Your guide to the area left you after breakfast this morning and informing you which way to head. No NPC Scout for you!

"That's really helpful, actually! I didn't know you could do that..."

The ronin checks his
or lack thereof
equipment and prepares to enter the cave in formation. He had joined a very, very interesting group of adventurers, for sure.

"What other extraordinary things can you do, Miss... I don't think I caught your name, heh."

He chuckles sheepishly and rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"This form lends me nightvision as well, so I am in no need of a torch," Lamére says without a concern for the possible need of others for the light, "It may be best to simply put the half-orc and I at the front, eliminate the need for torches, as our enemies will likely have enough light with them for us to fight by."

Fracko watches everyone prepare and begins to nibble on the bouquet of dandelions that he offered Lamere, but that she ignored. The tiny owl that he had had with him the night before, and which hadn't been seen since breakfast, returns to his shoulder, then burrows under the folds of his robes.

"Apparently, there are some woodrats making a new nest not far from here,"
he says to nobody, or everybody, "always good to see a young family get a fresh start."

He then goes about getting his various bits of equipment together, waiting for the final formation to coalesce so he can slip into it.


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