Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1

Listening to both Zynka and Lam's ability to see in the dark, Tanvas decided that maybe it was smart to allow them to lead the group through. He wasn't opposed to the idea of a sword or two in the front that were able to see in darkness. He obviously couldn't so the arrangement seem to be a good one. "Right," he started, aiming his voice at the half-orc."Then you and Lam can take the lead. Damaris and I will cover the rest of these guys from a little ways back. Since there are two of you, if you see something, have the other run back and warn us." Tanvas spoke as he knelt down and search through his pack for the lantern he brought with him. As he closed up his pack and replaced it on his back, he rose and continued, looking for confirmation for the others. "Sound like a plan or we going to sit here looking pretty all day?" Tanvas wasn't as dull as you would think, knowing what needed to be done and a way to do it. Maybe not the best way at times but it surely got one to a conclusion.

"Excellent! I can walk and look pretty at the same time," Fracko exclaims, futilely grooming his whiskers while casting a hopeful eye in Zynka's direction. As they ready to go, he
How do you want to handle spent ammunition? If they're recoverable, let me know if I need to roll, etc.
recovers his crossbow bolt to see if it's stil usable.

Fracko finds his bolt easily enough in the grasses near the cave entrance.

Okay, now that the weekend of the 'Family Flu' is over .... Sorry about that. I was waiting for my turn to pose, then ended up with 5 people, including myself, and only 3 bathrooms.

Sidryn remains silent, despite her desire to grumble. None the less she sighs and steps forward. "Okay, I'll go first. I know Kobolds," she offers, biting back a mental jab at her miss. "They love to set traps. Be ready." The young woman's eyes fall on Fracko, then what was formally a mermaid, before shaking her head. "Trust me, you want me going first. But, I'm not going to argue if you want to trigger all the traps rather than avoiding them," she notes with a wave of her hand.

This does not stop her from stepping towards the cave entrance without waiting for the rest.

Fracko nods in agreement at Sidryn's words. "Seems wise, to have someone who knows what she's looking for, out in front. If there's trouble...I mean the kind running at us with pointy sticks...then the bigger, meaner folk will be close behind to deal with that."

"I guess. You do have half the blood of an elf. Fine then. Go on up front with the other two and lead the way. We'll guard the small one," he said gesturing his head to the gnome. "After you than, ladies! We've got us a fortune to make!" He presented the entrance of the cave to the three and would only follow after they were well ahead of them.

We'll follow behind about 20-30ft back. That'll give you some space to work.


In response to the ronin's question the half-orc answers simply, "I'm Zynka." She is no more aware of his slightly uncomfortable state than she is of the looks the gnome is giving her, but it isn't intentional just that she doesn't seem to notice. "Extraordinary? I, uhmmm...," she trails off trying to decide how to respond, often people had laughed at her when she said she could see magic. Deciding to keep it to herself for now Zykna quickly blurts out, "Normal, I'm just normal." Nodding to herself with a smile confident she had handled that briefly awkward moment quite well she turns at the sound of Tanvas as he urges the party to move forward. Listening to the order and not finding a reason to object she prepares to move when Sidryn offers to scout ahead. "Yes, someone to check for traps is a good plan, just don't go so far ahead that we can't pull yer bacon out of the fire if need be," she says with a friendly grin.

The party travels down into the cave. It starts out gradually and then gets steeper, though there does appear to be small bumps in the floor every two feet and holes in the walls around two feet from the floor. The cave never gets smaller in height though.

Is there anything anyone wishes me to know. Stealth, who has a light source, etc?

I don't believe anyone has a light source, but even if they do, we're not using them.

"My name is Lamére," Lam hisses as she moves ahead, attempting
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I thought those of us would have some kind of light source. Am I right in believing that those of us with low-light vision still need some kind of source of light? I was thinking there would be at least a lantern or torch lit for the group hanging back a bit from the tough guys with darkvision. Also, Sidryn is a Half-elf, meaning she has low-light vision and needs a light source of some kind if she's going to find traps, etc.

Fracko is happy to carry a torch (not just for Zynka!) His staff isn't going to do much in battle.

Light sources

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