Under the Fort - Kobolds! : Group 1


As the proceeded further into the cave, the need for light became less of a suggestion and more a necessity, as the light from the mouth of the cave, what little it was, soon died with the distance. "Blast it all," he spoke quietly, coming to a stop finally. He took out his flint and steel starter and, placing his lantern on the ground at his feet, knelt down and struck a flame. The lantern caught flame and illuminate the area. "Much better. No sense in waste'n oil 'til the last moment." He said with a weak grin on his face to the gnome and Damaris. He put the flint and steel back into his pack and picked up the lantern again resuming their path down the tunnel. As he did, he turned his head to the unnamed gnome, looking to fix the problem of what to call him. "Hey, small one," he began, again not the most tactful of speakers. "What be your name?"

Fracko chews on his lip and tugs at his whiskers at the question. suddenly a bit agitated and suspicious. "Be yeh asking for yehself, or for some Infernal who has been trying to snare my soul since Mother Rohm introduced me to this world?"

He seems to consider his own question, his eyes rolling this way and that, then he opens his mouth to speak, holds up, pauses, lifts one finger, passes gas, then relaxes and smiles. "'Course, if you were an Infernal agent, you wouldn't be telling me, now would you? So, we seem to have reached an impasse."

Without waiting for Tanvas to respond, Fracko continues. "Well, yeh won't be gettin' my real name, which would give yeh dominion over me, and by the twenty-three hells, I won't see that happen again, not in this lifetime, no dear me!" He's getting a bit worked up, toddling along as they make their way into the cavern.

"But yeh can call me Fracko. That'll do. Good enough for my mammy, so good enough for you, I suppose." His tone is suddenly friendly and light.

This gnome was a puzzling and rather bewildering gnome. He had never met many gnomes in his tme but he was sure that he would never met another that was quite so... odd. He seemed be fit right in that category of strange happenings that Lam had found her way into. Tanvas glanced from his blank gaze down the cavern's dark corridor to the raving gnome as he attempted to sort out his sentences, apparently fearing that his name would find its way to this Infernal who wanted it. Guess gnomes were controlled by names. When he finally did get to his name, Tanvas was almost too interested in everything else the gnome said that the name was just too boring. He repeated the name to himself silently and shrugged. "Fracko, eh? I commend you for your struggles. Not everyday you fight to protect your soul. Sure, the body, but not the soul... Name's Tanvas. Not much worry of soul thieves far as I'm concerned. And that," pointing a thumb over to Damaris, "That be Damaris." He replied, returning the feeling toward Fracko. He returned his gaze to forward, letting the silence annoying him enough to speak once more, though he did not peer over his shoulder. "So what's this talk of Infernal? You being hunted for something? Your soul?"

Damaris smiles at the gnome when his name is mentioned by Tanvas but says nothing. Their conversation, though attention drawing, is too interesting to interrupt. He keeps his left hand glued to his daisho, in one part to keep the swords from clicking together and making noise; in another to be ready to be drawn should any kobolds or other beasts get past the ladies of the party.

Okay, I now understand what's going on. Stealth checks for those wishing to do so. The skill is called Stealth and not Move Silently in Pathfinder, Purity. It encompasses both Hide and Move Silent from 3.5.
lighting & Stealth

THe first group continues down for another twenty minutes and then sees that the cave opens up and the left wall becomes smooth and worked. As you get to the end of the cave, the floor is tiled marble. (Awaiting Stealth rolls)

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 14)
stealthy stealth check!

In other words, before they need their Stealth checks
Beforethey get too far down the tunnel, Fracko answers Tanvas with a whisper. "Hunted? I should hope not! Sweeter game to be caught in the forest than these old chicken bones," Fracko rambles. "At least no more hunted than anyone else that walks our Plane. Like morsels, roasted chestnuts, we can be for the right sort of demon, or devil, or what-have-yeh from Beyond. Gotta guard yer name, mind your manners, keep yer toenails trimmed. Lose yer head and say the wrong thing, and *poof*, yeh may as well be some spoiled hellspawn's meat puppet!

Fracko smacks his lips and nervously tugs on his whiskers again. "Had a run in with one once, years back when I was 'pprenticed, and watched my master dance around like a fool before flinging himself into the fireplace. Horrible way to go. He was a terrible dancer."

Fracko then goes silent, keenly watching and listening around them for signs of trouble, nervously gripping his crossbow, waddling as quiet as he can.

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