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Are ship merits going to be given or do we need to purchase them?
I may provide some, I'm not completely sure yet. I'm leaning more towards just giving an XP total and letting you purchase them as needed.

Getting a single person vessel, I'll allow though. As a form of transportation between planets in the system. They wouldn't be able to pass through a Gate though. Not enough fuel to make it to the Gate. No points in the merit though, as it is a very basic ship.

Admittedly got behind while catching up on some other things but tomorrow for certain I will have my mage completed!

No doubt you've seen your threads, but please hold off on posting in them for now. The first post is more placeholder than post as it is necessary to create a thread. Once O.R. has finished his application, I'll open the scene and we can start.

Edit: Reduku, if O.R. isn't finished by Sunday, I'll start your thread. I just don't want to make it unnecessarily difficult on myself to maintain an idea of a timeline consistency.

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Ok sorry about that
No problem, my fault, I probably should have noted after I created them.

I can't believe I forgot that. I'll update shortly. Essentially it is a curse that only affects you on a planet with a day/night cycle and you instantly adjust to it. Star docks are a common residence for kindred as a result.

For magic in regard to Infinite Macarbre, what rules are we using for Paradox? No change/Paradox, Castrated/Paradox, Eradicated?


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