Jibberjabber IV

Well... we don't have conclusive evidence that rules that out. We just no longer have evidence that strongly suggests it, either.

This is an example of providing a negative amount of information.

Heh. I figured it out on GitP when its more obvious and I click it on accident on my phone often.

So I tried it here, and lo and behold, numbers appeared.

Quick question. Does anyone have access to the abilities of the Tome Mage-Killer feat? It seems to have vanished from the wiki.

Davros, please report to Tilverton. I repeat. Please report to Tilverton.

We could also use some Chupacabra action in Tilverton.I need to up the OOC posting it seems. *Cracks knuckles.*

Before I drop Lenor into the game, a question.
Am I allowed to join? Last I saw the thread was locked from new participants, so...


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