Jibberjabber IV

Well, depending on how dead, Tikk can make you into a Construct Corpse-Creature. Then, you can go about becoming your old type again if you'd like, or stay a Construct with Electricity healing.

For what it is worth, Kain, Gaithus and Gaithus' ex Larla have just entered a contract with a temp agency, so basically we are for hire.

Constantine could revive them too. He'd do it for free if you could convince him they're deserving enough.

Would it be lazy to request a quick description of the scene as Lenor would see it, arriving?

Yes. It would be very lazy, as the setting is described less than 10 posts up.

There isn't much to describe. Jreece said that it was an empty street (in Sigil? Nice, didn't see that) in front of the Emerald Rose Saloon.

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