Jibberjabber IV

ya, there was a lot of weird stuff going on most people didnt notice and/or respond to.

Constantine wants action...

Eve, think Tikk could whip up a mission for the gunslinger? Maybe hire Gaithus and the boys to come along?

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Yes. It would be very lazy, as the setting is described less than 10 posts up.
I thought there'd be like craters and heaps of bodies or something. I was mostly curious to gauge the amount of damage done.
Whether I should have a "Mammon's tail! What happened here?!" or a "Hm. Messy as usual..." reaction.

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Lenor is a classy gent.
That's his shtick, in short. classy, yet greedy, gluttonous and in some instances... let's say, 'lustful'.

question for everyone/anyone.

if you are playing an evil cleric... say level 3.

you are fighting a 3HD undead with Turn Resistance of +2.

This means, to be effected by Rebuking the undead counts as 5 HD.

Assume you roll well enough to effect it.

can you command this undead? because it only has 3HD? or does the +2 turn resistance apply, making it more then you can command at 3rd level?

Rules Compendium suggests,

"Turn resistance is an extraordinary ability that enables some creatures to be less easily affected by turning. When resolving a turning attempt, add the turn resistance bonus to the creature’s Hit Dice."
Establishing Command is part of the resolving of the turn attempt, therefore it can't be Commanded.

The Turn resistance does apply, making then 5 HD creatures for the purposes of turn/rebuke
Originally Posted by SRD
Turn Resistance
Some creatures (usually undead) are less easily affected by the turning ability of clerics or paladins.

Turn resistance is an extraordinary ability.

When resolving a turn, rebuke, command, or bolster attempt, added the appropriate bonus to the creature’s Hit Dice total.
If you are playing an evil cleric with dreams of rebuking or commanding, get a Rod of Defiance from MiC 56
Rod of Defiance
Price (Item Level): 7,312 gp (11th)
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 10th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) necromancy
Weight: 3 lb.

This crudely shaped, bone-white rod resembles a cudgel.

You can use a rod of defiance in combat as a +1 heavy mace. In addition, each undead creature within 30 feet of you while you hold the rod is treated as if it had 4 fewer Hit Dice (minimum 1 HD) for the purpose of turn or rebuke undead checks.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, turn undead or rebuke undead.
Cost to Create: 3,500 gp (plus 312 gp for masterwork heavy mace), 280 XP, 7 days.
With this rod out, your 3HD undead with +2 Turn resistance is now treated as a 1 HD creature, allowing you to command or rebuke him into your service.

ya. i dont have that kind of money.

i rolled well enough to turn/rebuke it even counting it at 5HD

but command says "At any one time, the cleric may command any number of undead whose total Hit Dice do not exceed his level."

My turning check was a 16 (giving me Cleric Level+2 = 5), and then rolled a 6 on the HD Effected. (so overcame the Turn Resistance there as well)

Now, I was hoping I could issue it a command, instead of leaving it simply Rebuked.

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