Aboard the Unrelenting Light, Strike Crusier class (Grey Knight Chapter)

"Greetings Inquisitor. I believe we shall find no problem. These types of extended missions I have plenty of experience in. Its why the Ordo Malleus and the Grey Knights keep me around as I am."
he indicates his body with a good nature, vox-modulated chuckle.

"This ship possess some of the most advanced warp travel engines and equipment that the blessed Mechanicus can provide. I forsee no issue as long as the warp currents hold steady we should be there within a few months."

Frayhert chuckles along with the captain. "Excellent, that is good to hear. Have you traveled to the Koronus Expanse extensivly?"

Constantine enters as the captain is speaking. He nods in greeting to all of the others individually before coming to rest near his brothers. For the moment he maintains a quiet presence.

"I am an old spacer, my lord. Although I admit to only beingpulled out on special duties such as this one."

Counting it among the better cleansings he has received Terrellios takes the time to inspect his equipment and ensure it is all functioning before donning his armor and heading to the bridge. Endeavoring to be polite and not interrupt any conversations already in progress Terrelous lifts a few centimeters off the ground before he reaches the bridge, the clang of his armored footsteps reduced to a low hum of his potentia coil and grav units and the whisper of his robes brushing against the metal plating as he glides onto the bridge.

Seeing the space marines already gathered and the Inquisitor in conversation with the Captain Terrellios simply makes small bows to the Captain and the Navigator and deeper one to the magos, then endeavors to catch up with the conversation before making any of his own remarks.

"How old, Captain? Do I detect a hint of longing for a adventerous past in your voice, or is your vox experiencing a malfunction?" Frayhert says casually, eyes focused on the captain.

Mordred simply smiles and folds his giant arms across his chest, actually enjoying watching the play between the more mundane of their assembled team. He hadn't ever formed a kill team with non-brothers before. It almost seemed... amusing.

Sarena's eyes focus a narrow gaze at the Navigator. She knew such things were decreed of the God-Emperor and without them His Glorious Imperium could not function, but she was always cautious that one day, one of them was going to slip and either send her into the warp or explode as a daemon prince came out of their heads. However that wasn't going to keep her from being social.

Stepping forward she first makes a sign of blessing across her chest before extending a hand to greet the Captain. Her power-armored body and his metal form complimenting one another well. "Thank you for this personal welcome Captain. You do the great work of the God-Emperor and I have no doubt that you will be well rewarded in this life and the next for all of your aid."

"Thank you for the blessing, Sister. I hope you can lead the crew in prayer later. Outside of the Mechanicus, of course."

his augment eyes focus on the Inquisitor,

My Lord, I have been adventuring for centuries as a 'Trader until the Gothic wars and Abbandon's forces nearly destroyed me, curse his name. The Ordo Malleus rebuilt me to keep whats up in here and me back into the good fight even better than before." he says the last part as the taps a finger to his metallic skull

"The Mechanicus rebuilt me and the Ordo and by extension the Grey Knights allow me to Captain this ship. My talents lend me to special assignments. Its why you are saddled with me."

You get the impression by his force of personality that he would smile if he could but even his voxcaster cannot hide the warmth and mirth he displays.


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