Aboard the Unrelenting Light, Strike Crusier class (Grey Knight Chapter)

Constantine speaks to his brothers, "I shall remain on the bridge." At the battle sisters suggestion he remains quiet as the ship wide vox is brought up and she begins.

The prayer complete the ship rumbles forward.....

Enabling Gellar Field. Hexagramic wards stable and holding. Warp transistion in 20 mins. The Emperor Protects

With a continued bright smile, she turns and faces those still about to depart. "There now, shall we depart?" she nods, her job of filling the hearts and minds of all who would listen with the love of the God-Emperor complete.

The ships transistion to the warp is smooth. As far as the Malleus Agents are concerned, you have never had as smooth a trip.

In what seems like both forever and an instant you come out of warp.
The ship's chrono-synch puts you arriving in 6 months. This is at least 2 as fast as any vessel you have heard of.

Over the ship wide vox you hear

"This is the Captain We will be making the approach to Port Wander, home to the Imperial Navy. Inquisitor, do you wish for me to have a shuttle prepared to embark you there?"

"Yes, have the shuttle prepared. Captain, I wanted to ask, how long would it take to adapt the Unrelenting Light to appear to be a rogue trader vessel?" Frayhert says.

Brother Severinas almost smiles as something occurs to him.

"Grey Knights vessels do not advertise their coat of arms, as do many other Astartes'. There should be little to identify us on the hull of the ship."

"My Lord, it would be a year at a Broadsword Station to effect such a physical change. It is only at that facility that the equipment is sanctified correctly to allow the vessel to be touched in that manner. We broadcast no ID code unless we wish and then that is at the Inquisitional level. I have found over the centuries, Imperial vessels do not ask questions beyond that. At the very least, they assume we are a Black Ship and give us a wide berth.

You do have several Aquila class landing ships to choose from that have been added to the ships complement of equipment for your use. Do you wish the ones in full Inquisitor regalia or a more nondescript ship m'lord?"

Terrellios makes one of his rare comments. "Inquisitor what level of armament do you wish for me to bring to Port Wander?"

"Captain, can you give us a brief description of Port Wander? Are non navy vessels a common sight there?" Ben asks,

"This area is an open area. Ships of all types are here. As this area demanded the need of the Perial Navy, they set up a command here for now. I understand that they are going to have their own facility built. As an aside Inquisitor, Unrelenting Light has not been seen nor would I pull into an area such as this. Grey Knight tactica forbids such unless in extreme situations. "

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