Aboard the Unrelenting Light, Strike Crusier class (Grey Knight Chapter)

"Then we shall remain inconspicuous for the time being. Captain, please have a unmarked Aquilla lander readied. Please also contact the Admiral on a secure channel that we will be meeting with her discreetly on the station." Turning to the Throne Agents. "Get all your gear loaded on the shuttle, but be prepared to immitate civilians on station. That means minimal firepower when on the actual station. If anyone asks, we are on shore leave from rogue trader Eagle Strike under captain Mortium. Explore the station, keep an eye out for any signs of corruption. We need a clean beachead into this sector, and this is it."

"Knights, if you wish, you may accompany us, though if you do certain disguises may have to be manifactured."

Sarena, still dressed in the armor of her sisterhood, steps forward and looks more than a little puzzled. Her face shows the confusion, as well as the tattoos of her order. "I am unable to hide my faith. However if you wish corruption rooted out then my presence, my unshielded and unconcealed presence, will be all you require." she pauses a moment before speaking her mind.

"Permit me to offer an alternative. My appearance among the citizens will flush out and detect any corruption that exists, however, I will wait a short time and take a more visible shuttle to the station. Once I arrive you can easily observe the citizens of the God-Emperor's great Imperium and see the corruption scurry from my radiance. Using a secure vox channel you can direct me to any who you deem worthy of investigation while keeping your affiliations a secret."

Another pause, but this time her expression is rather dire. "I will do that and more, but I will not under any circumstance shield my absolute faith nor divine appearance granted by the God-Emperor himself from his divinely protected people. It is my duty to shield them, protect them and give them comforts when I can."

"A stalking goat of sorts, eh? It might work at that." The Inquisitor says thoughtfully. "Well Sarena you have my blessing... arrive in style you deem fit, and gather all their attentions. The rest of us shall work in the shadows."

With a chuckle Mordred nodded to the inquisitor, "A disguise, Inquisitor? Now this I must simply hear. What would you have us do?" the mountain of a man says with a playful chuckle deep in his throat. The man seemed a bit unlike most Grey Knights, leaning perhaps even closer to a Space Wolf with his overly Warrior-Prince regalia and gregarious chuckles...

Severinas nods his head in agreement. "I do not understand your intention, Inquisitor. Other than hiding our chapter heraldry, there is little that can be done to disguise us. Even unarmored, there is no mistaking a space marine. If you desire to travel incognito, perhaps we should remain on the cruiser."

"There is a species of abhuman that the Astartes can impersonate with some success." Frayhert says in a serious tone, "Crude, bulky metal armor to disguise your frames. A full metal helmet to disguise your faces. A foul smelling substance to mimic the characteristic odor of a Ogryn, and to discourage anyone from getting too close. A hired unit of Ogryn merc's is rare, but not unheard of."

"Alternativly, you could accompany Sarena, of course disguised as another space marine chapter. It is your choice."

The purifier shakes his head, his face set in an expression of distaste. "I will not disguise myself as abhuman filth. The Ogryn may be tolerated by the Guard, but their impurity is a disgrace to the sovereignty of the Emperor. My armour has been stripped of all ornamentation for this mission. I shall accompany Sister Sarena."

Constantine is contemplative as he listens to the the ideas discussed. "I will accompany my brothers and Sister Sarena." As always his mind is alert for any psychic eddies.

Mordred lets out a bellowing chuckle at the idea. "An abhuman, Inquisitor? You will find that my brothers and I would rather campaign a thousand years in the Eye of Terror with nothing but our Nemesis Weapons and a Guardsman's las pistol than disguise ourselves as such cretins!" his voice was one of amusement, as if he wasn't taking such a recomendation seriously.

"No, no Inquisitor. I believe we shall do right by the Emperor. His sons shall accompany his daughter. So let it be written, and so let it be done." he looks to the battle sister and nods his head.

Constantine finds the eddies of the warp are dulling his ability to extend his senses further out.

"Inquisitor, the shuttle is prepped and ready for launch and the Admiral has been contacted. There is a private area reserved for her that is available for you to embark at. Will you require a servitor-pilot or will one of your agents be piloting the shuttle?"

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