Question Thread

Question Thread

I wanted to be sure I could use the Sylvain wildbloodline. It comes from Ultimate Magic.

Sure! I have the book, so it's available.

usually Core refers to the Bestiary and GM guides of a system as well, I hope I didn't overstep your intentions with my race, it's an idea of been toying with for a while.

See answer post in Ad regarding Bestiary books. I am allowing it.


Is there an LA adjustment on that race? Never seen a level 1 character with 14's across the board and a 20 as well. Not to mention full BAB with spells and good saves for all three types.

I don't have full BAB, nor do I have good saves across the board. Before racial modifiers my stats were done wrong, have been changed.

Also, I don't believe that any race in Pathfinder has a level adjustment.

Don't play anything but humans so i'm trying to learn more about what's out there.
Didn't know that about PF. Still, 21 hit points at 1st level is pretty impressive when combined with natural armor. Gonna have check these mere folks out. What are the racial adjustments?

None of those things are from Merfolk. Racial adjustments are +2 con, dex and cha.

Other abilities are 5 ft land speed, 50 ft swim, low light vision

Nod. I didn't know much about Summoners / Synthesists until I just read up on it. So your character is a combination of the Eidolon. Still, how do you walk on land?


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