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Not sure what that changes? Choosing a shark wouldn't allow to breath water and choosing an eagle wouldn't allow you to fly. Also, what happens when it gets sent back to its home plane?

Merfolks can breathe air. Actually, what I find strange it's finding a merfolk on land 0_O but as a synthesis, I understand she becomes her eidolon.

I have other questions, my character's get an animal companion. What does it gets for it's HP? And could I cast spells even if I carry a bow?

Kurobara, I think that's the first time that anyone else has ever answered for me without me being annoyed by them. Thank you for summing it up nicely.

The rules don't say you ”become” your Eidolon. You ”fuse” and get to use their ”special” abilities. A quadruped walking on its four legs would not fall under ”special.” And the question isn't in regards to breathing, but moving more than 5' per round. I'm not the GM so my interpretation doesn't matter, but unless there is some official release, I don't see that a Summoner Synthesist gets the movement of the Eidolon.

I get it's evolutions though, which are the special abilities of the eidolon. What evolutions am I using? Four limb evolutions.

Are there any house rules to know about or is this game straight-up RAW? This would be my first Pathfinder game (played a LOT of 3.5 and some d20 Modern before) and I'm curious to see how it plays.

Honestly, i'm just asking the question. but to address yours, I don't see that attacks and base movement are related. In addition, the rules say it surrounds you. So you are attacking with it's manifestations. But the whole thing is fiction so it's not like it had to follow physics or logic for that matter. I just don't see base movement listed as a borrowed ability when many others are listed specifically. As I said above, GM can do whatever he wants, not trying to convince anyone that i'm right, just stating my interpretation.

It says I get it's evolutions though. It's modes of movement are gained by what evolutions it picks. Having legs is one of the evolutions that my eidolon has.

and I understand that you're just stating your interpretation, but you're interpreting it wrong. You seem to be working under the assumption that an eidolon has a 'base movement'. It doesn't. It's movement comes from whichever template it starts off as, specifically through the free evolutions it gains. In the case of the quadruped, that's bite, and 2 sets of limbs. Both sets being legs.


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