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Although, while we're having this discussion, I ought to ask the GM

DruSilverFox When I'm fused with my Eidolon, do I still have use of my arms?

It states in plain English that the speed is determined by its ” base form.” But I'll bow out of this discussion as I don't want to influence the GM in any negative fashion. Assuming you are correct, what happens when you're Eidolon is sent to its home plane?

Assuming you are correct, and they do have their own base speed, that just brings my speed down to 25.

Originally Posted by Purity_Riot View Post
It goes to its home plane, and I stay here. I thought that was obvious.
lol, I meant with regards to your movement.

I thought merefolk base was 5'?

I do agree with you that if you take movement affecting evos, they would apply.

and the Quadruped base form has 4 legs, which gives it +20 speed. Assuming they have their own base speed which, after looking at the 'serpentine' template, may be possible, you then add the 20 speed, which gives the Quadruped it's 40 movement speed.

I'm still confused. When your Eidolon is defeated and sent home, how do you still get 20' movement from the Eidolon?

I won't? I'll have 5 foot movement. I'll also be about one hitpoint away from death.

Great power, great sacrifice. Nice touch. C:


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