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I've finished tinkering with my app finally and was curious about the Inn of the Wayward Soul thread. Is that just for characters already approved or is it like an audition beyond the character app itself?

The RP thread is just that. RP. I suspect I will give some small weight to it when making a decision, but it won't affect anything. You do not have to join in if you don't feel comfortable with it. No one has been approved as yet.

Cyridan! I LOVE how you have framed your post!


Can you tell me what the code is that you used for that? And can I shamelessly emulate you? Please?

You bet, I got it from a previous GM who had everyone use it and I have to admit I really liked it too. I've seen some rally cool things done with code and am making an effort to learn it. Here is what I did:

If you just want the frame use [fieldset]Your post here[/fieldset]

If you want to add in the image into the frame line just replace the first fieldset with [fieldset="[img][b]your pic http[/b][/img]"], important to note that the image won't show in a preview only when you actually post it.

So, as an example, my post coding looks like this:

As she stepped through the doorway into the common room Zynka paused a moment to get a look at the patrons gathered there. Fiercely staring down any who meets her eyes she runs a quick tally in her head of what she sees, [color=green][i]Let us see, we have a fighter, farmer, fighter, fighter, fish, far - wait, wha!?![/i][/color]

Caught completely of guard with jaw hanging wide open she stares unabashed in disbelief for a few breaths before giving her head a quick shake and strides towards the bar. Letting the axe head thump to the floor with a bang she props the haft against a stool and drops her pack beside it. Massaging her temples Zynka looks down at Isaiah and says, [color=green][b]"A mug of ale, Innkeeper, the road today has been longer than I thought."[/b][/color][/fieldset]

Once I have what I like, I make a copy in a Word file so I can grab it for ease of use, happy coding!


Forgot to ask this earlier, but what are some common creature languages in the area? I have some stuff down, but it would make more sense to choose something that I would be likely to learn.

The usual racial languages, Draconic, Aquan, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin and Sylvan are your best bets.


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