Scene One: Gran Quivera

Fly looks back at the body and grimaces, before looking around the airport. Turning to the others he leaned down and grabbed the gravity boots of the human. Holstering his gun in it's place. Once the boots were secure he would talk to Cid and start running with everyone else.

"There might be more of them, or the real Star Law on the way. We can't explain dead cops in the time it would take them to kill us. We need to go and get the Professor out of here to safety. Come on lets go.!"

We can drop out of combat rounds at this point. Taking off the man's boots, still magnetized to the floor plate, will take several minutes.

Ice takes the laser pistol out of the man's hand as Cid and Fly approach. The gorlian listens to Cid, though his enraged eyes are actually on Fly and Ice
from his perspective, that is definitely what they are doing
looting his partner's corpse. One arm, free of the tangler glob, flexes as he struggles to free himself. "You gave him a chance to live, so I can be reasonable. To a point ..." he doesn't say anymore as he watches.

The professor is waiting near an exit.

Cody struggles through the low-G, closer to the prone human and his companions so he can comment in relative privacy, "You realize that even though he was a fake cop you're still in effect stealing the man's property, and there are an awful lot of witnesses around here guys."

He glances around nervously expecting security to arrive any moment, then glances toward the professor standing alone and unprotected, "We should either call security ourselves or move it right now, I'd suggest the latter, sans the looted gear."

Cid looks to Ice, Fly and the incoming Cody for guidance on exactly what they wanted to do with the human. He personally thought it would be best to leave the human here to be brought to the hospital but understood that they may want to bring the human along for questioning. He figured that may constitute some sort of kidnapping, however given the circumstances they may be able to say it was for the health of the human Star Law impersonator.

"So..." Cid says in a quiet whisper and gave a seconds pause before continuing "Are we leaving the human here, are we taking him with us for questioning when he gets better or are we staying here for the police to show up? If we leave him here, leave his boots enabled so his body doesn't drift off. I prefer not being here and getting on our way quickly so we can deal with the professor and the groups wounds, but we need to make a decision and make it now."

Fly stops with the boots and nods. Looking over to the Gorillian he reaches over and snags the Gorillian's gun away. Smiling to him he turns with a serious face to Cid and walks towards him.

"Good idea with the boots. I am gonna leave him here, we should go. Got too many questions we can't answer, he will get medical attention from everyone else here. We got to leave now, because more fake cops could be on their way. Or real cops who might sooner shoot us down, then ask us what happened. However we have our wounded we need to tend to. So lets get out of here and to the site. Something there got someone big pissed off.
Enough to forge badges and impersonate police."

As he speaks Fly is moving off towards the professor and getting out of here. Leaving the boots on the corpse.

Alexis sees Ice pick up the man's laser pistol.

"I will get the professor moving toward our departure area."

She moves over to the Professor and indicates the direction they need to go in.

"This way, Professor. Let's get you out of here and us on our way."

She puts her pistol into her coat but keeps her hand on it for immediate use.

Having said his piece Cody takes off after Alexis.

Cid deeply sighs and shakes his head as Fly goes for the Gorillians pistol.
Assuming that the grab for the pistol doesn't put us back in combat rounds
Assuming the Gorillian isn't attempting anything as he was being further provoked by Fly, Cid heads off quickly with the rest of the group - hoping to put this whole matter behind them and hopefully get to the ship without further incidence.

Once in the ship, Cid would ask one of the uninjured to attempt to contact back to the base to let the GSS office and Boren Tchal know what transpired before the Star Law officers got to them first - that way he isn't blind-sided. While he would love to see the look on Borens' face when the unlucky soul told him what transpired, he had a feeling he would be helping the injured while that happened. Cid would look at each persons wounds and cater to them as
I will need to know who is injured and to what extent as there are somewhat limited supplies and this medic may not have fully planned ahead to make sure there was a great abundance of medical supplies for the trip (not expecting much fighting).

After picking up and tucking the laser pistol away, Ice powers down his sonic sword and puts that away. Then he looks to Fly who is messing with the guys boots, "Fly why are you messing with that guys boots, we need to get out of here."

At Cody's statement about stealing and looting, Ice looks over at Cody with a somewhat I can't believe you just said that look, "Steeling? Looted gear? Look I took his pistol so he wouldn't suddenly wake up and start using it. I don't call that looting or steeling I call that self preservation but I am all for the getting out of here part."

Ice moves off with Cody heading after Alexis and the professor.

Cody and Alexis escort the professor out of the hangar and, after a moment to orient themselves, head off towards the private docks.

Meanwhile, as Fly reaches for the gorlian's gun, the man reaches across with his free arm and grabs Fly in an arm-lock, holding him close against his tangled chest between himself and the rest of the team.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 13
Wreslte Hold. "I call it stealing," he snarls. "Now, I will honor my side of the truce and let this piece of trash go, if you will honor the deal
indicates Cid with a nod of his head
he offered and leave us now, no further violence or dishonor.
" The other passengers in the arrival hall had hit the deck or otherwise tried to take cover as the firefight began, and most of them are now recovering and looking to leave quickly or determine what is going on. A small but growing group is gathering nearby to observe.

Fly automatically takes 6 points of damage. If you guys resume fighting him then we go back into combat rounds. Otherwise, if the truce is re-established, then he will release Fly and no further damage will accrue.

We are now separate. Cody, Alexis, Ice and the Doc are out of combat rounds regardless and heading for the Star Wolf, unless recalled. Fly and Cid are still by the gorlian, possibly re-entering combat rounds. Cid has contingency declarations, that is, his actions depend on Fly's outcome.


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