Scene One: Gran Quivera

"So much for fore-warned is fore-armed" Cody mutters to himself, he looks up and catches Boren's eye before he asks, "Shouldn't we be moving sir?"

Conner arrives at the mission.

Conner was bent over the engine of a motorcycle hanging from a chain on the ceiling when ICE came in. He turned around frowing when the music was shut off but then smiled as Grinder took the metal ring and flew up into the rafters setting it down and munching on it as if it was a Bee to honey. Fly wiped some sweat off his forehead and picked up a grease rag wiping up his hands as he walked over towards ICE. Massaging the injured hand with the criss cross surgey scars on it from the incident with Dayson years ago. Changing out of his uniform and sliding on his Skein Security Suit as he knew ICE was only ever here for one reason. Another boring ass mission.

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After that Ice entered the shop proper. He stepped over this bit of partially finished whatever and around this other partially finished whatever and finally ducked under yet another partially finished whatever, and finally arrived at the music box which he casually reached over to and flipped the off switch. The music did not stop. He looked at the box, flipped the switch a few more times and then sighed. He then reached around the back and ejected the SEU clip, the music finally and abruptly stopped. With a half annoyed and half bemused look on his face he looked over at Fly, "Really, was that necessary."

After a bit of pleasantry greeting and a short discussion on why Fly felt he needed to bypass the off switch on the music box, Ice said, "Oh almost forgot why I came, I got a GC you worked on. I think your gum dried up and fell off cuz the speed gauge is not working properly again and they want it, like everything, fixed asap. So get your what you need and lets go." After a few "leave taht for later, let's go" statements they finally get into the GC. "It happens when you get up to speed, the gauge will just drop to zero." He pulls out of the garage.
Fly turned to ICE as he turned to leave and nodded speaking up loud enough to hear him from his small little cot and bedroom in the shop. His face was alight with good humor and he was clearly jesting with his friend like he always did.

“Hey Grandma learn how to drive a damn car okay. I am sick of fixing your messes because you can't yield to pedesterians. Let me guess you missed the old lady and crashed into the police cruiser right? Oh and go take notes I am going to be late to the meeting bud.”

Fly arrived late to the meeting as he tended to do quite often much to the chagrin of their leader, Boren. He leaned up against the back wall and looked at his grease stained bandage covered hands. Grinder was left in the lab because he did not want to dissuade any new members to the GSS company who were not familiar with his robotic bird. Watching everyone as they spoke he did not really have much information to add so he listen quitely and watched those there. When Boren cut in about requesting additional items Fly's eyes lit up. Turning to walk away he looked at the group and spoke.

“I'm gonna go fuel up our ride and get it ready. ICE bring me the specs on the planets terrain and everything you can get me on the atmosphere. I need to know how bad the dirt and sand are going to screw up our systems and vehicles if we need them.”

Turning to the professor he smiled having been a big fan of the man and loving to learn new things.

“Professor I have read some of what you published and it is an honor to work along side you. I am glad you're hear and I hope we can assist you as best we can.”

He looks back over to the rest of the group and smiles leaving to requisition some items from his computer in his lab and packup his gear.

OOC: I would like to requsition 2 spare magazined for my pistol. One of those Survival Backpack things. Breath Mask or Helmets if they have things like that in case of a sandstorm. Infrared Goggles. Spare parts for any vehicles and a spare Tech tool kit just in case. 100 rolls of Mesh Tape, 100 water bottles and a water purification system if they have it. Is that too much?

Alexis nods to each question answered. After the meeting, she heads to Boren's office. She requisitions cold weather gear, all weather blanket, and 6 additional gyrojet pistol magazines. Then she researches the mining expedition, background on the planet, and their reports about the alien artifacts.

When the time is near, she heads to the departure point to board Star Wolf.

At Fly's directive he looks up to his friend and replies, "I'm a pilot not a danged encyclopedia of planets?" He uses this as an excuse to get up and leave all that fairly over the top social pleasantries being laid forth was giving Ice a headache and the thought of driving one those big hulking explorers was not helping it any. Unless of course he gets a chance to use the tank aspect of that vehicle to do a bit of real off-road haulin'.

First stop was to get the extra gear he would probably need and the next the data center so he could get a printout of all junk on the place their were heading.

Boren stops anyone from leaving, physically if necessary. "You haven't been dismissed," he will say in general, not referring to a specific person. "There are two skimmers waiting out front. When this meeting is over, the professor is in your collective care. Stop by quartermaster and put in reasonable requests; you can't take 100 bottles of water, for example. The skimmers will take you to the spaceport where you catch a shuttle to the orbital station port. Star Wolf is waiting for you there."

He waits a few seconds before adding, "Now, if there are no more questions, get moving." If there are no more questions, he will then stand and leave the room, the professor stays behind with the team.

OOCCid's gear request is approved, no need to pay for it. Alexis' request for 6 extra clips is also approved. Conner can have the clips, a breath mask, magnagoggles, a water pack. I'm not sure what the survival back pack thing is. The 100 rolls of tape is out, but a 6 pack is okay. Extra parts, etc. is out. No room for them on the ship, the explorer takes up most of the cargo space, the Professor's kit the rest. There is the equivalent of an extra tech kit already on the ship. For Ice, I haven't designed a GSS survival pack. He can have the extra clips, assuming by 'Type II' you mean 20 SEU clips. Magnagoggles are fine. The tent and water purifier are okay as well. I don't recognize the helmet. Everything not expended must be returned at the end of the mission.

I will work out the results of the research and post it soon.

OOCLittle late, can I assume that rations, water and comms equipment are standard issue or should I request those too?
Requests for equipment requisition:
1 * All-weather Blanket
1 * 50m Rope
1 * Toxy-rad Gauge
1 * Power Clip for Sonic Knife
5 * Pistol Clip
From Zebulon's Guide if available
1 * pair, Explorer Boots
1 * Explorer Vest

Cid rises up after being told the mission briefing has finalized and moves towards the professor. With a sly grin, he asks "So professor, when was the last time you had a check up" he was jesting, but he was told that the professor was on his watch now and if that meant medical treatment and follow ups, that's what it meant. Honestly, however, he hoped he wouldn't have to complete any surgery on anyone, especially the professor. For one, he was a very intelligent and a world wide known professor, but more importantly the thought of having to perform surgery on the professor made him think back to his schooling days and dissecting insects and other small animals - to think that now there was one just as large if not larger himself standing to his left.

Looking back to the professor as they left the room, "Well professor, however I can help, just let me know. I've got a pretty steady hand and if anything artifacts deal with social attributes or how the inhabitants lived, I'd be very happy to help. I can walk you to the transport area if you'd like, than I have to get some extra materials to make sure we are well supplied medically." Cid would walk the professor to the transport site, letting everyone else get their requisition items first and when someone came back then he would leave to get his items and quickly return - making sure that he didn't leave the professor alone.

Groaning Fly turns and looks at Boren with a, "are you kidding me" look as he was not used to being told what to do. Conner then remembered he was talking to his boss and nodded. He waited until everyone stood up and then walked over to the Professor with a polite smile and looking to the other team members. He smiled to ICE as he gave him an order a librarian would take.

"I understand sir. Professor care to join me on a walk to outfitting? I wonder if you can tell me the energy signature of this planet and climate temperatures? How many moons and suns, electromagnetic pull, gravity, etc? That would be nice."

If the professor declined Fly would just catch up to ICE and walk to the quartermaster station. As fly talked to the professor he pulled up his chronometer device and sent a voice message to ICE's sister telling her he was going on a mission tonight and he could not come pick her up for dinner. Of course he never made any plans for a dinner date and even though he was shy he was sporadic about it. Fly decided if he told her they had a date she would be amused by it. On an after thought he sent her an image file of the latest vehicle ICE wrecked and added the fact that ICE did not run over any children.

Standing Cody brushes down his jumpsuit, straightening out imaginery creases. Personally he doesn't really have any interest in the professor, to him the team is the thing, the professor is an outsider, a valuable commodity which must be protected.

He heads on out when the rest of the team do making for the quartermaster in order to claim his extra gear. Once he has this he goes to check he has everything he needs squared away so he can board ship at a moment's notice.

The Professor returns H'trank's polite greeting in his native vrusk dialect, then nods in turn to Cid and Conner, "Thank you, I would like to depart as soon as possible, so perhaps I will just accompany the team to the quartermaster and we can depart from there." As he follows the team out, he says to Conner, "Young man, you have a great many questions. I am not a planetologist and have not studied those aspect of the world, as they didn't seem pertinent. The primary is a G type part of a binary with a neutron star. That is the extent of my knowledge, beyond what I said already."

The quartermaster office issues the equipment Boren authorized, getting everyone's signature in order to accept it. Once the equipment is checked and stowed on your persons, you can move to the waiting skimmers. These are unmarked six-being hover cars, each having one seat folded back to accommodate a vrusk. That means 5 max to a car, including 1 vrsuk per car. As you board the vehicles, please roll on INT check (1d100 INT or less for success.)
Initial Research on CDC13669The system is a binary, G type with a neutron. The planet has two moons, both very small, a standard if thin atmosphere (like high altitude), far enough from the primary to be cool, averaging 5 degrees in the equatorial regions. It is 6.3 light years from Prenglar. The route was registered by CDC as purchased from an unnamed free-lance scout. Current operations are limited to an exploratory copper mine and some farming settlements to support it. CDC hasn't filed a survey report.

Research on the DocThe Professor is an expert in extinct civilizations and claims to be the Forntier's foremost expert on the Tetrarch civilization. He has published many pepers on the subject, most of them vague and full of assumptions, and possible wild guesses. His reputation is so-so, not bad only because he is well-regarded for earlier work on the Clikk civilization.


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