Scene One: Gran Quivera

At Boren's order Ice lets go of the half opened door, giving it a slight nudge to so it will close again then leans against the wall awaiting the formal dismissal, 'ole goat has to have his protocol.' Upon getting official dismissal Ice is first out the door, first stop quartermaster to requisition and collect his extra gear, then off to get the information Fly requested on planetary ground and atmospheric conditions.

From there off to the skimmers, he even arrives about the same time everyone else does. Well they were a bit ahead of him, still he hustles forward to get a good seat then pauses as he notices that its one Vrusk to a skimmer and he wants to be in the one the professor is not in.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 13
80 INT Roll

Having little else to say, H'trank follows with the rest of the team out, intending to gather her standard gear, the survival kit and other odds and ends that have been approved for the mission. Seeing the skimmer situation, she defers to the professor, allowing him his choice of vehicles before boarding the other.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 30
INT Roll - 55

Cid follows the professor and the group to the armory to get their equipment. Once he has his equipment, he follows the professor and group back to the skimmers. He wanted to talk with the professor some more and see what his whole thought process and attitude was for this mission, and so followed him into skimmer that he choose for himself.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 48
INT: 55

OOCHere's to hoping I'm intuitive enough for whatever is coming!

Cody joins the others as they begin to embark. Mentally going through his equipment to ensure he has what he needs.

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 75
INT roll (75)
INT roll -60



Conner listened as he walked along with the Professor and the rest of the team. Smiling as he thought back onto what the Prof was saying and he nodded his head feeling silly. He checked his chronometer and then proceeded to the Quartermaster. He was not saying anything for he was afraid of making another mistake like earlier. Once his gear has been assigned he packs it up and nods to the rest of them running down the hall.

“Need to get my gear from the lab! Professor don't let the read headed human drive! Thanks for the information. See ya!”

Conner runs down into his lab and changes into his skein security suit. After that he rushes to get dressed ignoring the distressed clanking and churning of Grinder flying around as the mechanical bird missed him and wanted to go on the mission. Conner smiled and pet Grinder grabbing his backpack full of gear and then gathering both his technician tool kit and his robotic tool kit. Whistling to Grinder he smiles as the bird flys over towards his shoulder and lands on it. Talons digging in and soft mechanical chirps of delight as Fly runs down the hallway. In his backpack was a series of tapes and music devices for the vehicle ride out there. He needed his music. Stopping once more at the Quartermaster to get his gear he tosses the other backpack over his head. Overburdened like a pack mule he walks and runs as best he can to get to the Skimmers. Of course he was there to get the last Skimmer. With a sigh he dropped his stuff in the back and bent over breathing heavily.

“Thank god thought you might of left my ass kickin, tool makin, ship buildin, perfect singin repairman behind? Thanks for waiting gang.”

Conner smiels to everyone else is there while Grinder gives a loud whirl and chirp. The exposed gear behind his left wing chirs as he looks around picking at his feathers and acting all like a bird, alebiet a mechanical bird. He slides into the skimmer and sits back relaxing. Adjusting his leather skein suit gloves back on his hands before Grinder flies down into his lap and curls up into itself preparing to do a mechanical bird sleep.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 18
INT-70 Check

Alexis signs for her requested gear and pack. She stows the extra ammo and slings on the survival pack. She then follows the group down to the transports. She gets in the second car and waits for it to drop her off.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 1
INT check

The skimmers are waiting outside in front of the GSS headquarters, two yazirian drivers wait with them. The building is on a busy street with the monorail passing in front and across the main road. GSS has a roundabout driveway where the vehicles can wait under a cover/roof. The professor bows to H'trank and boards the first skimmer.

As the group is dividing into the two vehicles, Ice, Cid, Alexis and H'trank spot a vrusk with dark maroon carapace on a hover cycle stopped across the street, apparently observing the GSS building. Traffic is pretty thick, so there is a kind of strobe effect as vehicles speed past between him and the team.

Seeing that she's not the only one to notice the suspicious character across the way, H'trank will move to surreptitiously put herself between the observer and the professor until he's safely aboard his skimmer. Any of her team that come nearby, she'll quietly inform them of the presence, and of course subtly loosen her needler pistol in it's holster under the guise of casually resting her palm on it.

"Someone should inform our drivers that we may be pursued, or worse, as we depart."

Cid enters the vehicle, cursing under his breath that he had not requisitioned a set of magnigoggles for himself. He didn't believe there was an appending attack, having been told this wasn't exactly a military operation, but he knew that secrets such as the possible artifacts would attract potential collectors. After they had entered the skimmers and closed the doors he would direct some questions towards the professor. "Professor, who else knew you were coming here or that you were going on an expedition?" he kept a look out from the windows, trying to maintain a view on the hover cycle along with making sure they were not tailed for the rest of the way. Cid would leave the tactical aspects of this potential tail to those who knew better, making sure that they were at least apprised of the situation at hand and could make the decisions such as splitting up or trying to lose any tails.

Ice puts his stuff into the skimmer and pulls out his magnigoggles, "Man Fly can you believe I finally got a pair of these, there so sweet." He holds the magnigoggles up admiring them, "I suppose they could be a bit more stylish but..." He puts them on and starts looking about, up, left, right, across the street at the Vrusk to see what details of him that he can make out, "Oh cool, you can like see lots of stuff with these things on, like those birds, and that Vrusk across the street watching us, and small bugs crawling across the ground." Ice keeps looking around with his magnigoggles in this semi-animated fashion to see if he can spot any other suspicious individuals.


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