Scene One: Gran Quivera

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 42
INT for Tail

The driver of the first skimmer shakes his head, "Better to let the tail car go, we're too close and too fast to make the turn." He then signals the pilot of the second skimmer, who nods and grunts an acknowledgment over his headset, and takes the turn indicated rather than the ramp to the spaceport expressway. The vrusk in the hovercycle wobbles a little as if uncertain, then follows down the side road...

The lead skimmer enters the expressway, speeds up and heads for the shuttle port.

As the skimmer took the corner, Fly smiled inwardly when he noticed the Vrusk was not following them. He turned around with the magnagoggles and was looking around at the sky and the walls, every 6-10 seconds it would scan the Vrusk to make sure it was still there. But he acted as if he wasn't paying any attention. Suddenly a new plan formed within his mind. Turning around to look around with his magnagoggles he spoke to the driver.

"Seems we lost the tail"

Fly spoke to ICE on the chronochron.

"I can't locate the tail. Have you picked up the tracker? Over.""

"Yeah they stayed with us. So where should we take them. Seems like they might not know what ship were are leaving on and are trying to find that out. We could, once you guys have gotten their and off loaded, take the monorail and send this skimmer back to HQ. Then ride the monorail to a remote locale and have your skimmer pick us up there. What do you think. A bit of a hassle but it should prevent them from knowing what ship we are on. If that is their intent."

"Sounds too complicated. Get your skimmer within 1-2 miles of the spaceport then park it outside of a resteruant and go inside like your going to eat. Slip out the back door and come to the place on foot. The pilot can stay behind in the resteraunt and he can bring the car back in an hour."

Cid nods in agreement with Fly's assessment. "The plan is to lose the tail and get off the planet and start the dig quickly. Moving to a public area and slipping out would probably be the easier thing to do." At least their skimmer with the professor was not being tailed so they could get the professor set up and ready to go with a lesser amount of trouble.

Fly sighs with relief and nods to Cid. Picking up the magangoggles he still continues to keep look out as they go to the spaceport.

Thanks Cid. I want to make sure this mission goes off without a hitch. I am gonna keep watch to see if anyone else is tailing us. When we get to the spaceport professor, I want you to lie down in the car and don't move until we tell you. They could have snipers posted somewhere. Cid you go on the ship alone, with no one else and check it for stowaways. While he is doing that someone else should be scanning the ship for tracking devices. The tail may be a false lead to draw as away and into a bigger trap. They might want us to rush to get off world, knowing full well which ship we are taking. We can't risk being followed. So you have 10 minutes to secure the ship."

Fly's mind was racing as he issued the commands. He was not trying to tell people how and what to do, he just wanted this to go well. So he is doing what he thinks is best.

"This is all getting out of hand." Cody comments sourly, surely they'd be better served by sticking to their original plan, trying to lose the tail was pretty pointless now he thought about it.

"If the tail is working for anyone with real money then its a given they'll know ever detail of our departure: ship, lift of time and date, even cabin numbers, in which case sure check the ship out, assuming the shipping company will let us do that, but why the hell run around like a bunch of headless chickens, if they know which ship we're going on then losing a tail won't do a damn thing." he comments, his face impassive.

Get to the CHOPPA!

Skimmer LayoutSkimmer 1
1) Driver
2) Professor
3) Professor
4) Fly
5) Cid
6) Cody

Fly grits his teeth and speaks to Cody, while scanning the crowd.

"Except to Plan. Plan to Fail. We have to cover all our angles Cody. Can I count on you to scan the ship, or would you rather keep watch when we get there? We need to cover every possible angle. Professor the more you tell us the more we can help you. If you know anything else, like phone calls, hang ups, wrong numbers, messages, weird people, unexplained things, anything would help us no matter how small. Maybe you noticed your computer was tampered with or messed with but thought, what the hell maybe you were the one who did it. We have a tail which means someone knows something. We have no idea who he was talking to so, so it's safe to assume more then one person knows about the mission.

"Sure, I'll do whatever you want, like I said if the shipping line will let private individuals like us scan their ship, we aren't military or the law so there's no way we can do that without permission unless their security is unbelievably poor, it'll mean scanning restricted areas of the ship and the private cabins of paying customers some of whom will already be there, but sure why not." Cody responds equably, outwardly unfazed.

I think I found Cody's voice

Alexis slid her pistol back into its holster.

"So! We taking a monorail from this route to the spaceport or are we going to have our driver drop us off at one end of the spaceport and we dash to the other end to catch our flight?"

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