Scene One: Gran Quivera

Cid nods to most things Cody talks about "If they had real money and knowledge of our plans, why would they send a tail and only one? I'm in the boat of making things much harder for them but not going to drastic measures. I have a gut feeling they don't know all the information - so the more we keep them in the dark the better we are and hopefully the less work we'll have to do on the other end."

"Fly, I hardly think there will be snipers or anything to that degree that we have to worry too much about the professors immediate danger. As the professor said, in these types of expeditions there isn't assassins or people looking to physically harm, but more of people trying to capitalize and take other peoples research, sometimes espionage to discredit them. I think it would be prudent to get the professor in quickly and check the cabins over making sure there are no"
he stalls for a a couple of seconds thinking that the term bugs might be offensive or not exactly appropriate to use "listening or tracking devices within the cabins."

Cid is ready to get to the spaceport and get moving quickly. He wants to review the cabins and get lifted off as soon as possible.

The first skimmer reaches the shuttle port as the professor, who had been following the conversation with a certain amount of concern, starts to reply. "No, nothing strange that I remember. Aren't you over-reacting a little? Snipers? My word." The driver gets out after pulling up at the curb, circles the car surveying the area for threats, then opens the door for the professor. "I'll standby in the parking area until the shuttle lifts off. Star Wolf is docked at the station, section D. Good luck, safe travels," he says.

Skimmer Two, meanwhile, is moving slower on the city streets. Absent further instructions, the driver is making his way towards the shuttleport, but it will take time with traffic lights, etc. The hovercycle, for now, seems to be following at a distance.

OOCAs stated previously, the starship is docked at the orbiting station. You will have to go through spaceport security, which includes securing weapons with ammo removed in travel cases, then take a shuttle up to the space station. On the station you can make your way to the actual ship.

Alexis tells the driver of the second skimmer.

"Make best possible speed to the spaceport. Maybe we can lose our tail at a light."

Turning to the overs.

"Let's make it quick through security and get to our ship. They have to try to stay with us and the spaceport will slow them down even more."

Originally Posted by zeo2002 View Post
Cid nods to most things Cody talks about [b]"If they had real money and knowledge of our plans, why would they send a tail and only one?
"Who said there is only one, especially as he didn't seem very skilful at avoiding detection, there could easily be others we haven't seen." Cody states rhetorically as he steps out of the skimmer, he scans the surroundings and the the passers by as he makes room for the others to get out.

"True, there could be potentially more, but who is to say that a group of well trained individuals, like ourselves, wouldn't notice another tail with all these precautions. That is why the Professor has hired us, isn't it?" He didn't want to alarm the Professor any more, but get him comfortable and get on their way. Besides, if they hadn't spotted the additional tails, these guys were far more trained and experienced compared to this group that it wouldn't matter what they did. "The other option is that someone wanted us to turn back or miss the flight and therefore sent a clumsy person to tail the group, knowing full well we would spot him and hope we would make the decision to find alternative means of travel."

Cid walks out of the skimmer, looking around a little for
Intuitive/perception - 55?
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 68
suspicious activities and then nods to the Professor to come on out and get started for the security checkpoint so they can board the shuttle and get to the starship to leave this planet for the final destination.

The driver of Skimmer 2 nods with a feral grin, the kind that yazirians love to use to scare other species, and then stomps on the accelerator. The skimmer speeds forward, weaving around other vehicles. The hovercycle hesitates for a moment, long enough for the skimmer to get a decent lead, then it speeds up as if trying to keep up. It is obvious soon enough that the hovercycle cannot do so, and he drops back, disappearing into the traffic behind.

Meanwhile, group one gets out of Skimmer 1 and starts maneuvering through the shuttleport. The place is designed much like a modern airport, and in fact handles air traffic as well for Port Loren. The cavernous Main Hall has check-in counters, security check-points, information kiosks, and souvenir stands.

Fly puts down the magnagoggles and swings out of the skimmer, helping the Professor out if need be as well. Turning to speak to Cody in a soft voice, as he halts the man with an outstretched arm on his shoulder.

“Sorry about before Cody. I keep forgoting that we are a Civilian company, and are not entitled to scan everything on the ship, like a Security Company.”

Fly would stow all his weapons and ammo like he was supposed to, and prepare for the journey to the planet. He hoped it would go easily for the rest of the trip. Fly shrugged at the Professor's remark of Snipers and moved inside with the Professor as best he could. Fly was well Fly. He thought of hundreds of things every second and when he spoke sometimes the wrong thing came out.

Cody acknowledges Fly's words with a brief smile, he shrugs.

"No problems, lets get the prof checked in." he comments as he moves on again.

Skimmer 2 arrives at the shuttleport with just enough time to make the shuttle. Once all of the passengers have checked-in, stowed their luggage and found their seats, the shuttle lifts-off for the orbiting space station. Lift-off is smooth, a seasoned pilot at the helm, and the shuttle achieve low orbit in less than an hour. During the hour or so it takes the shuttle to maneuver to the station, you have a spectacular view of Gran Quivera, the blue-green world below.

The station is a spinning toroid with a hub and four spokes. The docking facilities are in the hub, and you have no plan at this time to travel to the areas in
really centrifugal force, of course.
artificial gravity along the spokes and the ring. Your luggage, the Professor's kit and other equipment were loaded before you arrived at the shuttleport into the same shuttle. The explorer vehicle was sent up earlier in the day and should be on the Star Wolf.

You disembark from the shuttle in zero-g and must collect the equipment before moving on.

Fly unbuckles himself and gets back all of his gear. Sticking with the professor as he watches the other passengers. He was not trusting a lot of people on here and was not sure who meant them harm and who didn't. He strapped his holster and gunbelt on, while making sure his autopistol was loaded.

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