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Would a samurai be an acceptable class?

Could I get a book and page for that yoru?
And Devilschef could i get the same for this Thief class?
Liking the updated story Adaiah.

Sorry that's suposed to be a rogue. That's my mistake. It's going to be a rogue hoping to work on the char sheet tomorrow

Allrighty then.
Green light on the samurai class, though I warn you his lack of versatility and inability to run away may well be the death of him, since many of the things you will face will have no concept of fear and if you get your research wrong you can expect to run away with your tail between your legs or die.
Also When you make the character give me some info on the lord your samurai serves and how this service leads to him working for the guild if you would :P

Also I am going to open up the guild to all potential entrants to RP their characters in, this will let you mingle and get a feel for your characters and will let me see how you RP so I can make more informed choices! Have at ye!

Lelantos Eos
Elf Rogue

Lelantos grew up in Tristar village at the base of Astrea Mountain far to the North. This region is immersed in danger, and the climate and local monstrosities were more than enough to toughen up the Elves that lived there. Here, ancient traditions dictated their actions and culture. The elves flourished under the rule of the Selene Family, the noble elves of the village. These Elves were trained specially in the art of war, and were called the Selene Samurai. Their basic teachings were passed down to the others, but very few others outside of the family were allowed to become true samurai.

Lelantos began his training at a young age, and he quickly grew proficient with a variety of weapons, favoring the Longsword. He was taught to survive in the North, through hunting, fishing, and For the majority of his childhood and adolescent years, he was educated in the ways of the world and in the ways of survival.

When he turned 50, he was sent out on the Rite of Passage, which comprised of climbing the mountain and retrieving one of the Shards of Astrea, small obsidian diamonds, which were a symbol of strength and wisdom. All recognized Tristar elves had one, and it would be a horrible dishonor to return without one.

Setting out immediately after grabbing his gear, Lelantos proceed up the mountain. That day, he made good progress, and he managed to kill one of the small arctic foxes. Pleased with his kill, he made camp and prepared for the next day.

Lelantos wakes and proceeds up the mountain, killing a lone wolf on the way up. Lelantos reaches the peak, and looks down into the small crater where the shards he seeks lie. He sees a small pedestal nearby, and a large pile of obsidian gems laying behind it. He moves towards the pedestal and reads

"To receive a shard, you must prove yourself worthy. Defeat a Guardian, and you may return home with one of my shards."

A shard falls loose from the pile, and rolls in the snow, rolling towards Lelantos. It quickly grows in size and takes the form of a humanoid, made of snow with an obsidian shard in the middle of its head.

Lelantos draws his blade, afraid, but not willing to back down. This was his test. He must complete it. Running forward with a quick lunge, he stabs his sword at the construct, but it deftly moves to the side and slashed out with an icy arm. Lelantos in turn rolls backwards and takes a defensive stance. "How can I defeat it? There is nothing notable about it, except the shard. Perhaps that is it's weakness." He starts moving closer, and the Snow Man flings both of its arms at him, small icicles leaving it and cutting Lelantos in his charge. Lelantos halts his charge, surprised at the ranged attack. He takes a more cautious approach and moves forward again. The arms swing forward again, and Lelantos dodges, as he had anticipated the attack. Lelantos moves under the Snow Man's guard and brings his blade across the constructs face, dislodging the shard. The Snow Man freezes, then turns to a white mist that dissolves into the wind. Lelantos grasps the shard, and everything becomes dark.

Small pinpoints of light surround him, as if he were in the night sky. Stars twinkle around him, and the clouds of light dance around his body.

"Where am I?" he wonders aloud.

"You are in my home."

Lelantos spins around, reaching for his sword, only to find it's not at his hip. He realizes none of his gear is with him, even the clothes he is wearing is foreign. A black vest, white undershirt, and dark pants adorn him, now, and as he looks at the stranger, he sees the the other is wearing a similar outfit. "Who are you?"

"I am Astrea, the Spirit that has watched over your people for centuries, and now, I have accepted you into my fold. You have an interesting potential in you." Astrea moves closer in an instant, and walks around Lelantos, observing him from all angles. You have in interesting gift that has bestowed upon you. Perhaps you will find use for it in the future. Also, you have impressed me. You quickly analyzed the situation and the possible outcomes, and you quickly learned from your mistakes. I think, that while your skills are valuable to your people, you are needed elsewhere. There are many different types of people and places; there is so much for you to learn. Travel outside of this snowy region, and explore. Experience new things, and remember, that I will always be with you." Astrea reaches out, and small balls of azure blue light moves from the tips of his fingers towards Lelantos, merging together before landing in his heart.

Lelantos returns to the snowy peak, standing and clutching the obsidian shard, Astrea's Shard. Filled with an excitement he cannot explain, Lelantos returns down the mountain quickly, almost sprinting down it's slopes. He has completed his test, and now, he has the urge to leave his village and go to new places. he is not sure where these foreign ideas come from, but they are compelling and appealing. He leaves almost as soon as he returns.

He does not remember his encounter with Astrea.

Notes: I incorporated a little bit of magic to introduce it, but make the character unaware of it. If this is a problem, I may change it as you request.

Source questions: Tome of Battle? Unearthed Arcana class variants? Complete Adventurer base classes? Traits and Flaws? Complete Warrior's Non-spellcasting paladin/ranger variants? 1 level of a prestige class? I'm thinking
Elf Swordsage2/Ranger3/Bloodhound (Complete Adventurer pg 28)1, a stealthy and swift TWF hunter. Or perhaps a Human WolfTotemBarbarian3/Fighter2/ReapingMauler1 speed demon tripmonkey/grappler.

I want to build a character for this, but don't have time for it until I get a game I am GMing up and running. Mind adding me as a reader, so I can get in on the next round of characters? Love E6, and the magic system your working on seems interesting too

ok Kail, firstly next time can you make it nice and spaced out so i can read it easier? Your asking me to check a lot of references so its nice if I don't have to reread the block of text to find where i was up to each time. But here goes:

Tome of battle: No, because
a) Some of the stuff in it will be awkward to fit into the game mechanics (which I can't reveal since half the fun is researching them and not knowing them)
b) I don't like it.

Unearthed Arcana Class varients:
Accepted or denied on an individual basis.

Traits Flaws: One trait allowed, Two Flaws. Other sources than UA gotta be ran past me first, including home brew.

Complete warrior class variants: I'll allow the ranger since all it will get is a bumped up land speed, which is purely physical. The paladin however is too powerful, with him having a blessed weapon no matter what. Plus its a supernatural ability, which is also a no btw guys. Anything thats even slightly magical or supernatural is generally a no. That said you might get access to some such abilities later. If you are lucky. And can keep a secret.

Prestige classes: If you can meet the requirements and you understand you don't gain any spells, SPA or Supernatural abilities then sure, run it by me.

And finally a small bit of advice. You are thinking in numbers too much. It doesn't appeal to me when someone says they want to design a specific speed demon or trip monkey. It appeals to me when you say you have the idea of s dedicated supersleuth
who hates letting anything he hunts get away. Think of a character concept then try to match up the classes and stats to that, rather than thinking of an effective combat style eh?

Trae S: Thats totally fine, I'll add you as a reader now.

@Key: Sorry about not spacing them out, will remember that. I'm just a natural cleric of the Red Knight- a strategic thinker. When I build a character, I plan out a progression to max level, because I want to have a vision of where the character is going, even if its unlikely that any given game starting below tenth will involve the party leveling to 20. Once I have a clear vision of the not just the character's party role but what makes them special from others- their focus- I then construct a background usually doing a little fitting but also a little challenging of stereotypes about that role, something fun to RP and something fun or interesting for DM's and fellow players to read. Even more importantly, the character then needs a compelling personal story, one that resonates with the tone and direction of the campaign.

I understand not wanting to play DnD for the mechanics, and maintain that I don't. But mechanical character constructions need approvals, personalities (unless Book of Vile Darkness level serious evil) don't. So I figure out what I can build in numbers first, then build a concept, and change the numbers and concept around until I have a complex, intriguing, and useful character.

Who we are is reflected in what we do. So what my character can do plays a role in who it makes sense for him to be underneath.

In this case, a her though. Elf Ranger3, Rogue(Fighter Bonus Feat Variant)2, Dervish1. A true lover of battle, dancing her way through death. Background/IC thinking/etc will come later. She'll start as a ranger who worships Kord I think, or perhaps a less good deity. And grow in her battle-love from there.


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