Character Creation

Is it possible a shepherd's crook can be used to trip? Maybe even a little bonus action like the flail and stuff get?

If you want to have the standard bonus to trip + if failed can drop weapon instead of being tripped etc etc
It'd have to be martial rather than simple, just for balance sake.

I should probably think of a tie in for the knowledge skills...
Perhaps some sort of bonus towards specific research within those realms...
I'll get back to you after a little experimentation.

You should, as some classes are built on knowledge and if they are not used, then the class suffers.
I am thinking more of the bard than anything, with no bardic music and spells, they need something to make them viable; although the use of bardic knowledge is significant.

I know some feats or abilities give a bonus depending on the modifier that the result would get.

i.e. A Knowledge (Religion) check against some occult phenomenon is a 16. This would give a +3 bonus to the research.
Of course, you might have to change the die for research as this would almost always result in 3+

Reminds me of a couple of characters from a show i watched lol. The guy was an angel i think.
As for the bardic knowledge i did mention a bonus somewhere about it to Adaiah.
As for the knowledge skills I'm going to say you get a bonus equal to half your knowledge skill to your research roll, thus allowing characters to become specialists.

Howvever since a lot of the categories would fall into the same areas I'm saying there is a seperate "knowledge: corporeal undead" and "knowledge: incorporeal undead"


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