Now three of you have potential missions lined up.
Take this as a welcome aboard!
However also take it as an "I demand a full character sheet before I let you go traipsing off."
So I will swap all of you: Your private character thread for a PM containign a completed character sheet, and said sheet being added to the game. Thankyou!

Understood on the character sheet. I won't be able to have it ready until tomorrow morning though if that's ok.

Where are the other hunters? I could have sworn there would be a barbarian in there somewhere.

seems I only have three interested people right now (interested and have been actively speaking)
So that'll suit me just fine for a while. Eventually you guys will be the vets laughing at the scared newbies jumping at basic apparations!

Adaiah any sign of that character sheet?
As for Blick and Devilschef your threads are incoming.


Already added, didn't notice. Threads are up!

My character's story is ready. I'll whip up a sheet when it has been approved.


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