The sheet has been attached. Please tell me if there are any problems.

I think I'm done... can't think what else I need to do...

hey guys,
I wanted to let you know that I will be unavailable for posting until April 2nd. Please feel free to NPC me until that time, when I shall return with a posting vengence! mwa ha ha ha ha

Thanks for letting me know, when you get back you need to add your statblock to your character journal, otherwise i can't give you your starting knowledge and you won't be able to actually do anything mechanics wise.

Is there a separate thread after leaving the Guildhall?

I'd like to remind everyone that active use of the journals is encouraged and rewarded. Please use them to write down thoughts, things you hear that you find down interesting and even your own personal theories.

Active use will have more benefits than you think believe me :P



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