Episode II: Cutscenes (OOC Knowledge)

Episode II: Cutscenes (OOC Knowledge)

Cato Neimoidia, Zarra - Day twoAcross Zarra, in a seedy over-run salvage yard. Piles of salvage overwhelm the landscape. The operators booth has a ramshackle little shack built behind it. Though it is wired to the full scale holonet transmitter on the scrap yards operator booth. Outside the shack, leans a swoop bike with the markings of the former Viper swoop gang.

Inside the dimly lit shack, the armor and garb of a swoop biker lay strewn about. A medical kit is spread about with bloody rags. A shirtless Bith sits in the light of a terminal, the holopad beside flickering very badly, not able to produce a whole image. The Bith is heatedly explaining in an alien tongue, the final word is clear and in basic "JEDI!"

Suddenly the door flies open, an armored figure is backlit by the bright Zarra day. The Bith looks up on shock and surprise, he says, "What!? You! how did you." and is cut off when the armored figure quickdraws their blaster and shoots the Bith in the center of his overly large head. The figure walks over and shuts off the terminal and the shack goes dark as the door swings shut.

Cato Neimoidia, Zarra - Day threeFrom behind, you look over the shoulder of a man in luxurious robes with a tall headpiece. Traditional attire of upper society Neimoidians. The terminal to his right holds very interesting data. He arches his fingers together in front of him as he wonders what to make of this information. His agent did well in stopping its transmittal. He isn't sure what this means to his current situation. However he is glad it did not go out as intended.

The holo-terminal in front of him flickers to life. A female figure in an armored separatist commando flight suit flickers to life in blue-white. He says, in a thick accent, "Choose someone who isn't high pwofile and twansmit the data. Pahtner with them or take whatevuh cut you want. Keep it quiet, discwetion should also pway into your choice. We'll worwy about yah powah base latuh, for now, you act on your own." The armored figure nods and the transmission fades.

Vladet, Day ThreeA human woman with long dark hair is talking at a holonet terminal, "I'm just finishing up on Vladet, so Cato Neimoidia is not far off. I can be there today, I only have to get this bounty processed out. This sounds profitable. Are you going to help out girlfriend? If not, I'm only giving you 10% finders fee. Yeah, I'll meet up with you. Federation's Folly or that dive you call a hideout?"[/color] A pause and nods to the terminal, "That will work. See you soon." She ends the call and gets up, grabs a gagged bothan in bindercuffs by the fur on top of his head and drags him to his feet. "Come on spy, time for you to find a home in an Imperial detention facility."

Cato Neimoidia, Zarra - late Day Three
A Citadel Class Cruiser comes into the spaceport and drifts to a landing. A speeder is detached from one of the two docking rings and its relusors catch it from falling to the ground. It moves forward and lowers a window for Nilia the spaceport administrator to check on paperwork and expenses and then shoots off into the city. Spaceport workers begin refueling the transport.

Cato Neimoidia, Zarra - Day three, nightAs the young neimoidian man is closing up the speeder shop a human female stops him from shutting the door and enters the building. There is a motion at the patched up front window and then credits are exchanged. A holodisc is handed over after the neimoidian points at the security recorder.

As the woman heads out into the crisp nighttime mountain air, something catches her eye. She heads over to the alley. She finds a niemoidian bum laying in the gutter and kneels down to talk to him.

Cato Neimoidia, Zarra - Day ThreeA skinny dirty Rodian walks out of a storefront for repairing household devices. He walks up to the impatient looking Togorian leaning on his huge axe. The rodian spits and lights up a cigara, "Aintcha gonna belief dis. Dere's a jeeedigh runnin' round. Hunters dun start the trail. Mebbe make some side creds, whaddya say?" The huge cat man looks around, none of his allies are around to help him understand the uneducated rodian. He growls, "Well, I think you said hunters and jedi. Neither of which are why we are here. That however, does sound like a good payday. What else did they say Lear, and speak plainly or I'll wrip the information out of your twitchy head."

A few tense moments of very taxing communication later, Kezrang gets out his comm, "Dakruss, Kad, meet up with us, we're on to something else." He grins down at the Rodian, knowing that the four of them should handle this ok and the other two can keep on the main mission.

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