Under the Fort! Kobolds : Group 2

"Fantastic, I do believe this venture may turn out even better than I hoped if our first success is any indication." Brann admits as he takes a moment to
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 10)
Rummage through the belongings of the kobolds with a noticeable lack of discomfort. Picking a rag from among their clothing Brann carefully cleans his sword, inspecting his work with a critical eye, before returning it to his sheath.

"Well I suppose we had better figure out who goes first." Brann looks at the mouth of the cave with interest one hand drumming the hilt of his shortsword. "Looks like it is going to be a tight fit at some points. Perhaps I should go first and scout around a bit, I might have a better chance staying quiet or picking up any signs of traps. Though if you hear me yell I certainly hope you won't hesitate to come after me."

Soulan steps up to the front lines. "A man has no qualms going in first, but he must also agree he is no scout."

"Works for me, though 30 yards would be the farthest we should be in case Brann were to find trouble. I'll fall in behind you. All I ask is those in front of me, clear the way so I can shoot unobstructed.."

"I'll be behind Soulan, unless we can walk two abreast, then I'll be in the second row."

Ark smile as at Jeroda, "You can stand next to me when we march side by side, but I should be behind Soulan when we go single file. Makes it easier for me to fire early in combat. After I fire, then others can move past me to attack."

Will anyone need a light source and who is carrying it?
Light sources?


Soulan Ark
Jeroda Raston

Raston looks at everyone and shrugs, "I guess that means I'm bringing up the rear, thats fine with me just try to clear some space if the front needs me. Well lets get this show on the road."

Jeroda touches the tip of her glaive, and it begins to shed light.

The party travels down into the cave. It starts out gradually and then gets steeper, though there does appear to be small bumps in the floor every two feet and holes in the walls around two feet from the floor. The cave never gets smaller in height though.

Is there anything anyone wishes me to know. Stealth, etc?

Raston is trying to keep track of the cave and is inspecting it as they walk.

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