The guild.

Her own eyes lit up with the sort of excitement of a woman caught in between. "Really!? Oh I'd love to! Definitely! Yes! Thank you so much!"

Meygan couldn't control herself and threw her arms around his neck in happiness.

Istvan smiled at first; but quickly became self conscious as the girl hugged him. Perhaps it was a mistake to have invited her along. She was cute and sang well; but to the shepherd turned hunter, she was an armful of trouble.

Before I let things progress too much further a little word on the structure of the guild.
The word guild in all honesty is a loose term, its a place where hunters pool together as a unit but there are no truly strong bonds of camaraderie as a whole, only between groups. The guild serves as hub to find jobs and information. There are no guild masters per se, simply hunters who have much more experience than others. Admin is handled by people who take it upon themselves, with some middle men (including the owners of the establishment) who spend time gathering jobs and information for other hunters, acting as middle men between people who have need and the hunters.

Also Devilschef, judging by the way your character is acting I'm guessing he's either unaware as of yet that he is actually in the headquarters for a "secret" society, or else he's here with the intentions of looting valuables. I can work with either if I have to,, just clarify for me (in private if you wish)
Small announcement

The dwarves where quarreling rather fiercely, they seemed to be arguing over something valuable they had obtained on a hunt not to long ago. In fact the quarrel got mildly violent, turning into a scrap between them. It was a usual occurring however, and once they had been broken up by a few close by patrons they were soon back to mumbling amongst themselves in what could only be assumed to be grudgingly apologetic tones.
Matilda, the woman behind the bar gave a small snigger at Istvans discomfort at the sudden closeness of his company.
"Should I ring the bells now or next week?" she asked with a grin," what can I get you, Istvan?"
In between turning away to the bar she gave the Hunter a small look which clearly read as You sure it's a smart idea bringing the storyteller along?

"Oh come on," Meygan giggled, releasing the man. "I'll be right back. I need to go get a few things!"

The young woman moved to leave when she tripped over Saltator. "Oh... I'm sorry. Please excuse me!"

Istvan grins wryly at Matilda and shrugs, wondering if he had finally gone mad himself.

"A whiskey, Mati. I didn't get jack from the last job, it was a con. I did manage to snag a few silver candlesticks and an ivory cane before I left; but they probably won't amount to much. Teddy is piping them through to see what he can get for them.", he replies, sliding around to lean on the bar.

Reaching down to rub his leg, he shakes his head and sighing, "Never jump from a two story window without something to break your fall."

That's interesting. noted Saltator. Just then something hit his feet and he looked up to see the musical lady picking herself up off the ground. He nodded at her apology, not entirely accepting it. Some people need to start looking more with their eyes. he shook his head at the thought.

He stood up and made his way towards the bar. As he was walking he looked down and noticed his shoe scuffed and dirty from the lady. He knelt besides an unoccupied table to clean his foot and he
stood up and continued walking until he made it to the bar where he ordered another drink.

When he walked back he nodded towards Istvan. Then sat back at his table and continued
Dice Roll: 1d20+2
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 12)
watching the room and hoping something would happen to catch his attention.

In my backstory I thought I made that clear.... I'll try re-explaining. Pretty much he's traveled to multiple towns and has heard stories here and there. Since a town killed his father he has wandered aimlessly.

Matilda looked once at the rogue and then pointed with her eyes behind him.
"You got some nerve, thief." came the angry voice of Carroll Gunnarson from behind him. "We don't like people who take other peoples things round here."
Clearly the thief hadn't gone as unnoticed as he thought, in fact a number of the patrons were all looking at him angrily, you could almost taste in the air that the patrons here had been vastly underestimated.
It was the kind of feeling that told a seasoned thief that he'd just stuck his hand into the wrong honeypot, since this one still had bees in it.

Istvan turned to see what the commotion was, to see old Carroll all riled up. Once he saw the source of his ire, he shook his head and turned back to look at Mati.

"That one either has balls made of adamantine or a brain made of dung. You know Carroll ain't going to be happy until he's seen blood.", he remarks to the barmaid, sipping his whiskey and turning back to watch the show.

Meygan returned a few moments later. Apparently the young woman had bags packed and ready for the moment someone finally agreed to show her the ropes. Seeing the not so happy faces of the patrons, she toned down her enthusiasm a bit, but approached the bar none the less.

"Matilda, I was wondering if you had a chance to think about my offer to perform during the weeknights," she said conversationally as she slid onto a stool. Meygan had slung a short bow over her shoulder and a quiver of colorful quills hung at her side. The young woman cast a subdued smile in Itsvan's direction, still trying to match the more serious tone of the room, but excited all the same.

Saltator froze when he noticed the man talking to him. He somehow kept an extremely calm demeanor, so as to not provoke anything he didn't want. He was silent for half a second then toke a breath and began to
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 6)
explain the reason for having the dwarf's coin pouch.

"Well you see sir. I happened to be walking to get a refill for my ale after the girl tripped over my boot. I happened to notice that she had scuffed my boot and when I knelt to clean it I saw your coin pouch under that unattended table. Seeing as the room seemed to be entertained with the dwarven brothers arguement. I decided to hold onto the pouch until things settled down and at that point I'd return the pouch to the brothers. That was all. No harm intended.


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