The guild.

On her way out of the bar, Meygan is stopped by a large, imposing human of ebony scarred skin and a reputation for being 'uncivilized and rough' for a hunter. Tali Descalus whispers into the young minstrel's ear, before walking to the board, looking over the possible missions. The smith and hunter is rather well known in the area, and gives a fair discount on her products of the workshop for any hunter whose returned from a mission gotten here. She may not be liked by anyone, but she's a respected swordarm.

Gunnman looked at the thief critically. When he spoke it was in a whisper intended not to be overheard. The grizzled man slid a sheet of parchment over the table, face down.

Saltatore placed his hand on the parchment and finished listening to Gunnman. He paused and thought about what he said and then decided to pick up the parchment to see what it said. Careful not to flash it around for wandering eyes to see. As he read it over he looked up at Gunnman and said, "I'll take careful consideration not to do that again si.... Gunnman." Saltatore said nervously, unsure if that was the correct way to go about addressing a veteran such as him.

"Allright kid, lets hit the road then." Gunnman saidm standing up and shouldering a backpack that jingled with several charms hanging from it.
"By the way, whats your name?"

Tali read through the notices on the board, looking for anything that smacked of altered beings, mortals using magic to be or make things, more or less then destiny intended.

Lelantos walks into the guildhall and walks nonchalantly to the bar. "A mug of ale, please," He says as he sits down, waiting on his drink and change as he slides a silver piece across the bar. "Any interesting jobs come up?" he asks when the bartender passes his drink to him.

Peak Ears: A common term referring to elves. Friendly banter when used by friends and a racist remark when used by strangers, in Matildas case she's using it in a friendly manner.
Ordainers Writ: A Document that states the holder is an ordainer, an ordainer is a specialist investigator of the city of Akhara, normally called in to solve serious crimes like murder or high end robbery. They have the ability to question guards and view any evidence freely, but may not make arrests themselves. Occaisionally hunters will get an ordainers writ through a contact allowing them much easier access to crime scenes than usual, its a blessing so long as noone realises that the hunter isn't actually an ordainer.

Tali finds nothing on the boards that remotely hints at altered beings, most of it comprising of various reports of haunting.
Meanwhile matilda pours Lelantos a jug of the house ale. "Oh come on peak-ears, you know the first ale is on the house for hunters, keep yer silver. As for jobs theres been a couple reports in of stranger murders. Been a couple of townsfolk killed, seems like they were sprayed with shards of metal but it isn't quite metal. The town guards are at a loss. If your interested, a contact has given me a Ordainers Writ to give to the hunter who picks the job, lets em question the guards and what not."

Tali's eye perked at the mention of the metal shards. She listened in to that conversation, walking over..."Metal shards and a Ordainer's Writ... that sounds like an interesting job." She remarked, her mind already beginning to puzzle together a few ideas.


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