The guild.

I agree. That seems more interesting than hunting base animals and other creatures," Lelantos says as he sizes up Tali, having heard of her interesting reputation but never having talked to her before. "I think a little muscle wouldn't be to bad to carry along either, if you don't mind me saying. Would you like to take this one on with me?"

She gives a grin reminiscent of a leopard with a muzzle full of throat. "Indeed... Given what I know of metallurgy, the investigation of this matter will be deeper then if you went alone."

"If you guys want to team up thats fine by me, theres only one writ though so you'll have to improvise." Matilda said handing the writ over to Lelantos. "I'd suggest asking around the north wall guard barracks, they're the ones been handling the whole thing."

"Excellent. I think we will be able to manage," Lelantos says with a confident smile. He quickly scans the Writ, a little familiar with the way it works. "Shall we go, or is there something you'd like to do first?" he asks Tali.

"Let me grab a bit of gear from the forge and I'll be ready for the mission." She said simply, before walking out. And returning after maybe ten minutes.

"Let us go to the North Wall Barracks, then," Lelantos says as he walks out of the Guild's headquarters.

She followed... "I think for sake of pretense, you'll be the Ordainer, and I'll be the smith you hired on to get a detailed understanding of the metal." She said simply.


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