House Rules!

House Rules!

Currently, there are 2 House Rules I regularly use:

#1. Heal Skill: For every 5 points above 15, you heal 1 point of damage. i.e.: You roll a 23. They receive 1 point of Healing. There is no effect for not breaking 15. (You will never do damage to someone)

#2. Initiative: When there is more than 1 person with the same Initiative, the person with the highest Dex Modifier goes first. All PC's go first before monsters/npc's.

My apologies, I meant the first half. The second half is however a suggestion that WotC offers.

Rule #3: When rolling a d20 for skill rolls and a 20 is rolled, an additional +10 will be added to the total. This will be done as I see them. Nothing needs to be done on the player's part.

I like that one

I believe that is a pathfinder house rule...since that is the only game I have ever enountered its use...unless it was just the DM's preference.

I've used it since 3.0 came out in my games in RL.

Rule #4: Rolling a 1 when Attacking: Roll a d20 and add your DEX MOD. You need to break 10. If your total is less than 10 but greater that 3, your weapon slips from your hand and falls on the floor next to you. Rolling another 1 will result in a "Bad Effect", and a 2 or 3 may have the weapon fly off into the darkness. Descriptions of what occurs are the purview of the GM/DM.

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