Port Wander-to meet the Admiral

"Thank you for your consideration, Lord Marshall. I shall review the recordings as soon as I am private." Frayhert waits for the assembled officers to answer the Magos's question and then asks. "How far away are those six worlds from the bulk of Imperial forces? Or from Port Wander for that matter?"

"Magos, the numbers seem to vary wildly. The largest number constructed was eight. In that area, after they completed them we have seen the fiercest counter offensive. There is evidence that one has stopped at 6. This area has also begun something more akin to whole genocide of the populace before we moved in to combat them. The four others are in the process of building them, having by the latest reports no more than two on each of those planets. We had, by that time, assembled a large enough force to challenge them on the ground and in space.

"Inquisitor, the closest planet is withing a month from here, it belongs to the Mechanicus. The rest are slightly farther out from there. Within a month from each other and roughly, via warp. Taking the avg speed of a battle group moving with troop shuttles."

Inquisitor Frayhert nods at the information. "Thank you for the summary...I would request all available data on the 6 afflicted planets. If you receive new information, you know where to send it. Magos Terrellios, if you have any further questions?"

"Before I leave, tell me how are things in Port Wander? Are you experiencing"

"The Commissar is compiling them for you, Lord. As far as problems, we have an influx of refugees plus the problems of converting this station into a serviceable military outpost."

"I trust you are handleing those issues without major problems. As you know this station is crucial, keep an eye out for agents of the Arch Enemy, two eyes if you can. Magos Terrellious, unless you have additional questions, we shall go and pick up this recording that the Lord Marshall is keeping secure for us."

"It does not appear that the answers to my questions are known. I will have to wait to examine the structures personally."

Terrellios waits for the Inquisitor to leave before following him out.

The cadre of officers leads you down a fairly isolated hallway.

"We have kept this area off limits. A member of the Astro-telepathica was sent to us to oversee the recordings until further guidance arrived. Ah, here is his area now, My lord."

Anton Cruz looks up from the dataslate he'd been typing on as the group lead by the Lord Admiral enter the room. He puts the dataslate down on a nearby table and moves to stand in front of the group, offering a sign of the aquila as he does so. His slate gray robes, accented in with red sticking are of a cut and quality marking him as a senior member of the adeptus astra-telepathica, the insignia stitched in silver thread on to the left breast.

"Lord Admiral, Lord Marshall come in, please. Your message stated you wished the vox unit prepared for the holy ordos. The hexogramic wards are remain strong and its condition is still sealed." Anton speaks with the polished accent of one raised in the halls of power, his stance radiating confidence. Turning to the Inquisitor he offers a bow of respect, the metallic plate covering the right side of his face shining in the harshness of the deck lighting "My lord Inquisitor, Magos."

"Astropaht." Ben Frayhert says in greeting. "Has anyone viewed the recording other then the Lord Marshalls vox man?"

"The vox officer is the only one my lord, Emperor protect his soul. My instruction's were it was to remain sealed and unseen until an inquisitor of his holy ordo was present."


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