Port Wander-to meet the Admiral

"As Mr. Cruz attests, it is safe for transport. I, for one, will be happy when the cursed thing is off the station. Will you be keeping us informed, my Lord?"

Both of your noses start to bleed as your link to the warp let's you know a tear has been made between real space and the warp. Something has crossed over.....

"We are getting reports. An explosion on the refugee overflow deck. "

Terrellios's hell gun appears so fast it almost seems to materialize in his hands. Glancing at it he grimaced as he remembered that it was currently his heaviest weapon, he knew minimal armaments had been a mistake. Something always happened. With a thought he triggers his implants scanning the immediate vicinity with his auger array for anything potentially dangerous.

"Inquisitor, this cannot be a coincidence. Do you wish for me to scout the situation?"

"Agreed my lord magos. The forces of chaos have breach this station. Inquisitor, what are your orders?"

Terrellio's active scans are being blocked by the same protections keeping the tainted vox and video transmissions safe from prying eyes.

"Quick to the shutttle. Astropath, you are with us. Take that recording a guard it with your life. Lord Commisar, order that area sealed off and clear a flight for our shuttle to the nearest docking bay or airlock. Relay the flight path to our shuttle. Il keep you informed." Ben says in a hurry and leaves without looking back, expecting obedience.

As he runs to the shuttle, he turns on his vox and contact Sarena: "Sarena, did you feel that? Something came through and is loose on the refugee deck. Where are you anyway?"

"Your will is done, Inquisitor!"


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