Port Wander-to meet the Admiral

Ben turns to the two behind him: "They are in trouble...leg it."

When he arrives on the shuttle, Ben starts gearing himself up. He leaves the helm of the power armor on a strap, braced against his hip however. Instead his inquisitorial hat is back again on his head. "Magos Terrelios...I think its time to bring out the big guns." He says as he hefts his thunder hammer.

As Terrellios watches the Inquisitor sprint down the hall he wonders if the Inquisitor fully understands what his dossier means when it says. "Blessed with the gifts of the Secutors."

Sighing Terrellios "legs it" his ponderous form thundering down the hallway at speeds to put such things as the sloths of Drellnex V or certain ambulatory plants in the jungle world of Hades Prime to shame.

Several long minutes later he arrives back at the shuttle. Hearing Ben's words he nods and with a thought sends a command to his armor locker which swings open as he approaches. Hefting his equipment out with an ease the belies its true weight Terrellios first buckles on his massive ammo supply pack then attaches his lascannon and psycannon to either side, before finally retrieving his grenade launcher and all his grenades which he stores in various pouches around his person.

Turning he says, "Inquisitor I suggest taking the shuttle directly to the docks rather than attempting to reach their on foot through the swarms of refugees that are likely attempting to flee from whatever is causing the disturbance.”

Slamming in a psyflame flask into the Incinerators ammo supply, Ben nods to the Magos. "I agree, we shall do as you say."

At the last he takes out the bandoleer of melta never know when you might need those.

As the shuttle lifts off you here a frantic call over the vox

In the background you hear the hiss-snap of las weapons discharging as this is transmitted

"Inquisitor, please return. Something from the Arch-enemy is killing us...."

The hear the crack of naval pattern shotguns boom and screams.
A voice that sounds like an echo and metal grating together speaks

"Chaos comes for your soul Admiral and for you all!"

The sounds of men and women dying fills the air as the Commissar who voted you is cut off....

"SERVITOR, RETURN THAT SHUTTLE BACK NOW!!" Ben yells to the servitor and moves to the bay doors, ready to open them as soon as the shuttle is back in the station, his flamer ready, the thunder hammer on the back.

The sevitir instantly obeys you command as its tight turn slams you into your deployment harnesses. Only the Magos keeps his footing as the shuttle sets down and it's ramp deploys.

Quickly unstrapping from his harness, Ben runs down the ramp, his incinerator at the ready, scanning around for demonic presence.

"Come forces of chaos, test your match against a true servant of the Emperor and Order."

Reaching back Terrellios grabs his psycannon and readies while he follows the Inquisitor off the shuttle alert for any signs of chaos forces.

"Astropath, stick to our six and keep in cover. Keep the recording safe and watch your back." Ben says as he starts forward, but slow enough to allow the Magos to keep pace.

"I have your back inquisitor", Martialis draws his trusty bolt pistol and force sword. The thin veins of psy-reactive material woven into the weapon twinkle in the harsh dock lights as he flexes his wrist.

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