Port Wander-to meet the Admiral

As you return to the long passageways you see the lights flicker. The walls and ceiling are scored from lasgun and shotgun fire. For those with psychic powers, the stink of the warp is heavy. As you move forward, you see a body fly though the air in pieces from a hallway forward from you. Martialis knows this room to be part of a long section that housed classified records and must have had 20 scribes in it at any one time.

The same grating voice seems to come from everywhere

"I can smell you, prey. I shall feast on your souls today...."

"Confident, aren't we? Soon you will learn..." Ben says, walking through the bloody passageway, looking about. The incinerator burns with white hot flame and the thunder hammer crackles omniously. Moving quickly to where he can see the part of the scriptorium, he nods toward the enterance and says calmly: "Magos, grenade."

Terrellios smoothly pulls out his grenade launcher and then pauses, "Inquisitor, what type of grenade do you wish for me to fire?"

Nodding Terrellios raises his grenade launcher, frag grenades being his standard load, and launches a grenade in the direction the body came from.

As soon as the explosion goes off, Ben rushes into the room, trying to see where the spawn of chaos might be.

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