Port Wander-walking the deck plates

Port Wander-walking the deck plates

The trip from the Unrelenting light takes you about an hour to arrive at Port Wander, due to the distance from the Strike Cruiser.

The servitor pilots come over the internal vox

"We have been given permission to dock, my Lords and Lady."

Within moments, you feel a slight bump in your feet as the shuttle touches down and then the rear door begins to open.

As the ramp falls you see two rows of neatly dressed naval ratings at attention with an Imperial Navy Captain at their head.
As the ramp drops he calls his men to attention

"In the name of the Emperor, welcome to Port Wander!"

Brother Severinas stomps down the ramp first and steps aside, as an honour guard should. His armour, once polished to a silvery sheen, has been reduced to a lifeless matte by the patient work of the ship's servitors. His shoulder-pads are devoid of heraldry, but his chest-plate has been emblazoned with the aquila in gold - a common affectation of all Astartes chapters, and no identifying mark. His helmet is off, affixed by magnetic seal to his waist, completing his disguise; mortals would concentrate on memorizing his features, as is their wont, and forget altogether to question his chapter of origin.

Stepping out from the rear exit of the shuttle, Sarena is a righteous symbol of the God-Emperor in every conceivable descriptor. Her armor gleams with the radiant light of the room, a brilliant halo of light encircles her head as a sign of her blessed nature, and as her power armored feet touch the plating of the station her massive metal-wings spread majesticly, as if stretching from the time cooped up inside but now given free reign to move.

Her cape hides little as she stride forward, her metal wings folding down around her shoulders. She relic blade resting across her back almost seems to make those around slightly on edge. She appeared the ever-radiant angel of the God-Emperor, an image that she had apparently cultivated for a very long time. Every weapon she had worn before was present, though her most advantageous weapon, her smile and charming appearance, was plain to see as her helm was stowed at her waist. She was startling beautiful, even with the symbol of the sisterhood tattooed across her cheek.

The sword at her back almost seemed to give her a
Fear (1) to anyone with 30 Corruption or more
terrifying, descending angel of death feel to her apperance, shaking the heart of the unfaithful to the core.

"The God Emperor's grace and love be with you all!" she called out to the room with open arms, as if to embrace them in the loving grasp of the Emperor.

Stepping down the ramp at the side of the battle sister, Mordred too is a mountain of matte black armor devoid of heraldric identifiers save for a small golden aquila on his chest. His massive fur cloak still draped over his shoulders and sword still at his side, he looked a much more grim marine than he had before. This would be the first time he allowed such a large collection of the Imperium to see him so easily, and despite his more 'likeable' nature, he was unsure how this all was to go. A collection of people waiting to receive them was unexpected...

His helm held at his hip, Mordred looked around the room before silently falling in line behind and to the side of the Sister.

"Sister, your radiance is a welcome addition to our humble station. Please tell me, what do we owe the honor of the having one of the Faith and the Emperor's Angels aboard? Does this herald the start of a Crusade?"

The honor guard go slightly slack-jawed at the sight of the space marines but attempt to keep their bearing.
The marines can smell their barely contained fear in the air at the sight of you.

"Please forgive me, I forget myself. I am Captain Nabis Jillian. I am part of the Admiral's staff and responsible for Port Wanders overall welfare."

Constantine disembarks along with his battle brothers and Sister Sarena. His armour has been painted matte black and bears no heraldry too. He observes the people arrayed before them, but chooses not to speak. Instead he reaches out with his mind testing those gathered for any taint.

"Our appearance heralds many great things, Captain. The least of which is to renew the spirits of the faithful here in Port Wander for the great many things to come in our wake. You all will become as a bastion to which this entire sector may look upon as a shining example of His great Imperium." she paused to give the Captain and the assembled men a bright smile.

"But just as His great deeds were not given fruition overnight, so too must we take care in our steps to pave the way for others to follow. It is for this reason I have come to Port Wander, I wished to see from where we shall launch a great campaign to spread the Imperium and His great wisdom. I thank you for this welcome." she says bowing her head slightly.

The corners of Severinas' mouth twitch as he resists the urge to smile at the naval adjutant. It has been a very long time since he'd been out among the people of the Imperium, and although this was without a doubt a very serious undertaking, he could not resist the slightest feeling that he were on vacation from the stony vaults of his Chapter's reliquary.

"My Lady and Lords, where do you wish to go first? This is a large station and I can summon a ground car, er cars to take you where ever you require."

"Beyond speaking to the Admiral at her convenience, I would wish to see the people of Port Wander. From the downtrodden whom I may brighten the day of by a blessing, to the highest of station that I might see the lives of whom I will see changed in the coming times. It is important to me that I hear the voices of the Imperium, from the low to the high, for their voices must be heard. And please, think not of my presence as a hinderance to you. I am certain you have duties to see to, and it would pain me deeply to know that my presence harmed the operating fluidity of the Imperium. Perhaps a brief tour of a few areas and if accomidations could be made for my honored brothers and I, it would be sincerely appreciated." Sarena says with a bow of her head, her smile infecteous and her manner practiced.


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