Port Wander-walking the deck plates

"If that is what you wish Ma'am. The driver shall take you any where you please."

with a nod, one of the honor guard voxes for a ground vehicle fore each of you with a driver.

Sarena instructs the driver to take them to whatever might pass for a central hub of public activity, where the people might congragate during the course of a day, a place with shops, eateries and the like.

Severinas settles in with difficulty and orders his driver to follow Sarena's car to its destination. It never occurs to him that they were intended to go separate ways.

The ground car takes you to an area that would not be that uncommon in a large hive city. Owing the to the fact of the stations non military nature, it seems more inline with trade posts or your average downtown. The air contains a mix of smells, food, items, smog and the sweat of thousands upon thousands of people.

Over the vox, the driver points towards the area.

"My Lords and lady, this area has seen an increase of civilians recently. There are many refugees being routed through the area or dropped off here because they could pay to get them out no further. I am not sure what will be done with all of them but their are frequent riots. Security has increased but there are more of them than their are of us. We are fighting a war, after all."

This point is illustrated by the number of shotgun wielding naval security teams you see walking around.

"Where were their destinations? Further into the Imperium away from here?" she removes her helm to gaze down at them with her own eyes. "Is there a place where I might stand and speak to them, a walkway above so that I might look down upon them and deliver the message of the God Emperor?" she asks with an unrelentingly bright smile.

"I am afraid I don't know this at all ma'am. There is a temple near hear. The priest hand out food there from what I understand after his sermons. Maybe there ma'am?"

"Yes. That will do very nicely, thank you." she says with a nod, gazing out across the masses as she watches them move about their day.

As you arrive at the temple, you can see its a run down place. It smells of unwashed bodies and (to the marines) fear.

The wards implanted in the skin of the Grey Knights starts to tingle and burn......

Severinas stops on a dime and pivots in place, searching the scene with his eyes even as he reaches out with his mind. His fists curl into fists without conscious thought.

He murmurs softly into his helmet, to be heard only by his brothers and Sister Sarena: ""Do you feel it, brothers? The Enemy is here."

"If the enemy resides here, then may flame take them." she says stepping from the car, her massive metallic wings opening in a grand gesture as she reaches back and draws her great sword. Holding the blade before her eyes she peers past her reflection and into the divine wisdom of the Emperor.

Feeling her connection to his wisdom faltering amidst the corruption around her, Sarena lowers her blade and instead relies upon simple visual observation. Though helmetless she whispers into her vox unit, "Look for those fleeing from my presence. They will be of a corrupt soul." though for the moment she simply stands there, about to begin a slow walk to the church, but wishing to see the effect of her presence on the masses first.


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