Port Wander-walking the deck plates

Heeding the words of his sister, Mord steps from the car carrying him and folds his arms across his chest. His massive frame and cloaked body do little to aid him in blending in, even amongst his brothers. In that however he looked to see who might be in the midst of abject terror and in flight.

Constantine opens his mind to the currents of the Immaterium. He can already feel the baseline emanations of something malign here.

The psychic senses of the Emperor's finest cannot pinpoint the wrongness you feel.

As you approach the church, you can see no one running from your presence. Most everyone drops to their knees in tears seeing the Emperor blessed chosen. In the church you can see a long line of what is a soup kitchen and an area giving basic first aid.

At your approach, they make the sign of the Aquila and move out of the way as you walk.

Sarena raises a hand to the soup kitchen as she stops on the church steps to face the assembled masses. Placing her sword back onto her back she opens her arms as if to embrace each and every man, woman and child before them. The luminous halo encircles her head in the blessings of the Emperor. She was about to attract the attention of any dissodants in the area. As she opened her arms to welcome those within her vision, her wings flexed as if real, all however controlled delicately in a practiced gesture used to impress the masses.

"Blessed be those within the Light of the Emperor, for through their toil and suffering, they earn their glorious salvation!" she proclaims as her jump pack gently fires, lifting her into the air and coming to land on a sturdy ledge of the church's great symbol of the Emperor. Whispered into her armor's collar she sends to the marines below her. "I have their attention, enter the church and discover what you can brothers."

"People of His most glorious Imperium! Today I have come to bring the blessings of He of Holy Terra, the God Emperor bids me to bring joy to your toil and sorrow, to reward you for your service and toil!" she continues, drawing the eyes and minds of all in attendance. "For I have journeyed far and have stepped across a hundred worlds all blessed of his most glorious light. And in his wisdom I have heard of your plights, have heard your wishes to find a better home. I have summoned to this sector the might of the Emperor's chosen, and with them shall come great ships that will have within them great hulls to take you far from here. From then, the Emperor will bless you and keep you as you find yourselves new lives of your choosing, though you must be strong in your faith, pure in your heart. For to find the strength to journey in his name, to create, for yourself, a new life, is a great and sacred duty of the blessed traveler. Those who wish to stay may do so with his blessings and watchful gaze." she proclaimed, her eyes scanning the crowd for anything out of the ordinary, her smile nearly as bright as the nimbus of light she was showering the downtrodden masses with below her. She hoped her brother marines would find what they needed as she held the attention of all at her words.

Moving carefully towards the triage area of the church as Sarena begins her sermon, Severinas blocks out her voice and attempts once again to extend his senses into the Immaterium, hoping that the change of position will allow him greater insight into the prevailing sense of evil.

The heavy towering frame of the Strike-Knight strides into the church and gazes about at all those inside. "In the name of the Astartes, go about your day in peace knowing we are here. Pay us no heed. " he remarks with a nod, his voice voxed as he kept his helm firmly attached.

As Sister Sarena's speech concludes a woman jumps up wearing the stained and dirty robes of a priestess of the Ecclesiarchy, tears streaming from her eyes

"Yes, Father loves us!!"

six other men and women jump up and intone "He loves us all!"

Brother Severinas feels a wave of corruption and Brother Asristodemos sees the woman click a device in her hand before your world is filled with the thumping sound of an explosion as their bomb vests go
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 4 (Total = 16)

You feel the material plan splitting as the blast goes off. Sister Sarena sees 7 entities that she knows are not of the Emperor's realm. The Grey Knights connection to the warp let them feel the crossing over of souls as a sacrifice to be swallowed up by a hungry god as these 7 beings cross over.

6 who look like [SPOILER="this"] [/SPOILER]

and the most powerful of the beings you can see and feel is

Even though is has no lips, you hear and feel "He loves you and I am his gift unto you...."

Dice Roll: 1d10+4z
d10 Results: 5 (Total = 9)
Severinas Intiative (9)
Dice Roll: 1d100u41z
d100 Results: 68 (Total failures = 3)
Dodge Test (-3)


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