Istvan the Wayfarer.

Istvan the Wayfarer.

This is the journal of Istvan Wayfarer.
Top post is a stats block and inventory if you please.

Ah, and since you wouldn't be a hunter without any knwledge at all i'm gonna roll a six sided dice. Depending on the score you'll get up to six random facts(or rumors), feel free to categorize them however you like.

Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 2

It is actually made up; but is a legitimate real world thing for solving puzzles.

The mechanics of it are a Masterwork Tool costing 50gp that gives you a +2 bonus on a skill.
Of course, it can only be used for certain skills that make sense and is for those that are not covered by craft skills and so forth.

I can lose it if you do not care for the +2 bonus. Not an issue.

In your time staying at the bar you've consistantly heard hunters discussing the wonders of salt on incorporeal undead.
From overheard whispers and jokes it seems that a handful of salt thrown at a ghost will make it dissapate, making it unable to do anything in the physical world for some time.

You have heard a rumor that one hunter was able to figure out a man was a shapeshifter by shining a bright light into his eyes. Something about it revealed that he wasn't the man he was pretending to be.

Nope not at all, i have a vague familiarity with Playfair Ciphers, and will prettymuch only make your journal harder to read (unless someone steals the cipher as well )

Istvan's Journal

Supposedly, salt can drive off incorporeal undead when tossed on them.
Make note to carry some just in case

Reveal shapeshifters by shining a light in their eyes and look for some telltale reaction?
Doubtful; but no harm in testing it if it comes up

Carroll Gunnarson took something called a Banshee Scream that was a pouch.
See about getting a closer look at the pouch


Higgins haunting/pranks
Sightings and activity began one month from <today>
Mrs. Higgins disappears seven months ago. No sign of struggle
Higgins witnessed floating plates and other objects as well as strange sounds and a glowing woman walking the fields and leaving no tracks.

Take a look for myself. Check for hidden wires and such.
Tracks are easily concealed after passing.

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