Meygan Smith

Meygan Smith

This is the Journal of Meygan Smith.
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Farmer's Woe

Farmer's Account of the Incident:
"It started about a month ago, my wife went missing 7 months ago god bless her soul. People reckon she was kidnapped or killed, can be a rough place outside the walls." he sighed seemingly lost in thought.
"Anyhow, it all started up just after i'd finished ploughing my fields ready for sowing. Someone musta snuck a whole bunch of sneaky trickery into there cause all sorts of things been happening. Floating plates, footsteps in the dark and scurrying in the walls. I keep hearing my Mrs. telling me it was my fault and that she'll make me get wha's comin to me. I swear someones walking round the fields a night too.

Thing is I can't find any of the wires or machinery tha's doin' it. And I'm getting desperate. So I figured I'd ask an expert.
Someone really wants me outa this house..
" the man came to a stop and shuddered, taking another drink.

"She vanished, she used to go out to the woods occasionally to collect wildflowers and fruits and nuts for cooking. She was a lovely woman you know, really beautiful, never understood what she could see in me. Anyways one night seven months ago I goes into town to buys me some supplies, seeds and the like along with replacement tools. She was at home when I left, when I got back she was nowhere to be seen. Her stuff was all still there and there was no sign of struggles or nothing. Me and a few of the local farmers searched for days but found nothing at all. Everyone figured that she musta gone out gathering like she normally does and got kidnapped else attacked by wild animals, its happened before in the outskirts. Less patrols by guards means more animals and bandits."

Additionally noted that he saw a glowing woman in the fields at night but when he goes out there there is no one there and no footprints. Dishes have levitated and he can't dislodge them.

Notable Clues:
  • Wife went missing 7 mo ago
  • no ransom, wife believed dead or kidnapped
  • etherial visions of wife, accusing farmer of wrong doing
  • Major transmutation and illusion magic at work.

Actions Taken:
  • Asked other farmers for intel
  • Went with farmer to investigate

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