A Farmers Woe

The attendant nods and comes back a few moments later with a covered wicker hamper. "That'd be 6 silver pieces sir"
He quotes politely.

Istvan smiles and nods, sliding the man a gold coin and waiting for change. Times were hard; but he did leave him a silver coin tip.

Hefting the bundle, he returns to the farmer and gestures towards the door.

"Shall we? Since you are providing the transportation, the least I can do is provide some nourishment.", he states politely.
As the man turns to leave, Istvan leans over and whispers to Meygan.

"Check around the area, especially other farmsteads to see if anyone else has seen similar things. Also, see if you can find out if anyone is interested in acquiring the Higgins farm."

"Thank ye kindly. If you end up having to stay over feel free to use the spare rooms, i'll even fix ye up dinner but I'm nowhere near as good of a cook as my wife was...getting better though." He half chuckled. Within a couple of minutes you were at the stables ourtside the gates, and a few minutes after that you were sat in the back of a farmers cart, cushioned by plentiful amounts of hey but being wary not to crush the boxes and sacks of supplies the farmer had picked up..

As the hours trundled past the scenery gradually became less and less urbanised, farmsteads now a much more common sight as dawn came without incident you passed through a small wood, the trees wearing their autumn coats while they prepared to sleep. Soon after exiting you came into a small farming village. Where Mr.Higgins recommended they ate their repast, since the farm was about two hours further up the road, almost near the edges of of the great woods. They'd be stopping int the village for a couple of hours first however while the horses were fed and watered, it also seemed like one of the sturdy mares had managed to knock a nail lose and would need seen to by the local farrier.

Istvan spent the journey watching the countryside and updating his journal, encouraging his 'aide' to do likewise. He found the farmer amiable enough company and it reminded him of his own upbringing as a youth.

When one of the horses almost threw a shoe, he nodded as the man announced a respite at the village to get it repaired.

This worked well for the hunter, as he wanted to ask around the locals to see if they had any more input on the farmer's current plight or other occurrences.

I'll DMPC Meygan till Adaiah can post, though she won't do very much
The protege, taking Istvans advice traipsed off into the village full of excitement, no doubt to bother farmers very brusquely for information without much subtlety.
Istvan in the mean time saw that most of the people in this village were gathered around the small marketplace and around the tavern. Meygan was already making her way to the tavern, perhaps as it was a place bards did well in. So, unless he wanted to go door to door, the marketplace was the only place not being canvassed right now.

Excusing himself, so the farmer could go about seeing his team settled, Istvan makes his way to the marketplace. As he strolls, he looks upon the faces of the villagers, looking for signs of fear, concern of any strain that might be linked to the alleged occurrences on the Higgins' farm.

Once at the marketplace, he looks at the various wares, perhaps purchasing a fruit in order to break the ice.

The other villagers seem to be under npo duress, leading you to believe that Mr.Higgins problem is limited to just his farm, small favours, as that meant lessarea to canvass. However as you are buying from a stand the elderly lady decides to make conversation with you. "You with Arnie? Poor man, that business with his wife and all. A real nice man too, doesn't deserve any of it." she said in a condoling voice.

Istvan nods his head at the woman, letting his mouth droop down in sadness as well.

"Aye, it is a shame. If I may ask, what all did happen with his wife and all? I had some of it from him; but it pains him to speak of it and so I am still in the dark on some things.", he asks softly, picking up a fruit and sniffing it.

It was then that Meygan trotted up behind him. "They don't know anything," she said with a slightly crestfallen sigh. Seeing Istvan talking the woman. Meygan quieted down and again began to take notes.


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