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I noticed, but things have been quiet busy. College, Work, Girlfriend... but posted

never seen so many 1's and 20's! what god or devil did you all pray/not pray to?!

LMAO. It is only fair after the rash of 1's that we all have been rolling. It seems like the dice roller works only in the extreme lately.

At least now Garak won't be made fun of for being the assassin that can't hit anything. HA!

Get yer raincoats ready, it's gonna rain blood tonight!

... I would like to know the algorithm used in the randomness of the dice here ... ... they kinda seem not to random at all ...

I would like Joachim to stop sensing evil before the enemies are all dead, and he continues to sense evil...

They are in a prison though, so there is bound to be evil all around them...yeah, that's it!

well soon enough Joachim will be able to discern the source of this evil ... well me might have an after fight encounter :P

hey, Garak's not the one with Paladin vows to think of, eh?

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