The Ghostlord's Lair

My best guess is that as soon as the creature will have is Phylactery, the only thing it will have in mind, will be to secure it once again!

As soon as this will be done, I thing the creature will move against those who stole his phylactery and used it as a leverage against him!

Day 22, 12h30 pm, clear sky

You finally decide to go on directly to the Ghostlord's lair and try to negotiate with the undead instead of delaying too much. And after all the enemy of my enemy is my friend says Jorr with a weak smile. The giant owls brings you through the Elsir Vale at great speed covering many miles in a day's flight, making your progress much more rapid than it would have been using the roads on horseback. Despite the fact that region is at war, you can admire from above the beauty of the vale, especially toward the east while you can also notice the destruction and ravage done by the Red Hand in the West by the many fires and smokes still visible in the distance. A sad memory crosses your mind as you remember your first day in the beautiful town of Drellin's Ferry!!

On the second day of flight, you notice something below. There seems to be trouble on the road. In the shades of several tall poplars, a two-horse wagon has been dragged off the road. Small goblins clamber all over the wagon, shouting in wicked glee, while a pair of hulking, two-headed monsters roar and shout at the goblins. You think you can make out a couple of motionless bodies in surcoats of blue and white lying at the side of the road.

JorrLooks like Brindol's people are in trouble below! he says as he readies his bow.

Enzo Toradi

Enzo does not wait to be noticed, and zips as fast as possible southwards, all the way into the bushes at the edge of the forest, where he disappears.

Smiling Boramin casts
DC 13 reflex check
entangle centered over the area of the wagon and surrounds. He walks down the track towards the wagon waiting to see if either Ettin breaks free from the area of enchanted grasses and vines.

Smoothing sliding his arm into his shield, Daerwol's other hand simultaneously draws the gleaming mace from his belt. He stalks toward the two-headed creatures, his gaze focused on them intensely. "Stand down, foul creatures! Your tyranny ends here!"

Without hesitation, Arteris follows Daerwol down the path!

As soon as he hears Daerwol speak, the Templar smiles: Words of a Paladin!

Day 22, 12h30 pm, rnd s/early rnd 1, clear sky

After leaving the owls a few yards behind, you get ready to confront the humanoids ahead. Enzo moves rapidly to the south and disappears into the bushes of the surrounding forest on the south-side of the trail. Jorr waits to see who's going to head to head with the enemy and intend to cover whoever it is with his bow while they progress. Daerwol is quite angered by the look of things and doesn't wait for an invitation to confront the brutes. As he yells his warning, he progresses on the trail toward them, ready to battle. Mellavin judges that progressing might take too long before being able to do anything useful so he decides to summon help instead.

Boramin smiles from his place and casts a spell at he region where the humanoids are standing. As they turn at Daerwol's shout, the vegetation around them suddenly explodes into animated life, rising in the air and crossing the ground to reach those within their area. The two-headed giants and the goblins are more than surprised by the sudden attempt to grapple them all. Boramin follows Daerwol down the trail and watches carefully the result of his spell. Arteris doesn't say a word but smiles slightly as he hears the speech of his friend.

Suddenly both of them stop as the flora seem to erupt in active life, trying to entangle those within a specific area. Knowing better than to continue, Daerwol, Arteris and Enzo somewhere in the woods, stop and wait. At the smile upon the wizard's face, they all understand who has activate the vegetation. The ettins seem stuck on place but four of the goblins evade the grasping vines and move away from the region. The ettins bad their muscles and with a terrible sound, they tare apart a portion of the vegetation from the ground as they both free their selves.

As he was waiting for a special opening, Jorr lets fly two deadly arrows that both hit true. One of them even passes right through the giant's left shoulder.

Mellavin summons a hippogriff, which can fly over the entangling vegetation. It immediately charges the nearest ettin. The dwarf himself steps a bit closer and casts Bless on his allies.

Enzo Toradi

Enzo stops just before the wall of animated plants, look at them - as well as the creatures that are stuck inside, and decides to wade in, trusting in his agility to escape being caught.

He runs inside, shedding any idea of stealth to get to enemies as fast as he can and even manages to get as far as the nearest goblin.


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