The Ghostlord's Lair

Without reach weapon, there is nothing the Templar can do for the time being!

Arteris his weapon and shield ready waits patiently for the first fool who will come closer.

Summoning energy to his mace, Daerwol also crouched in readiness, waiting to strike the first foe to come near.

Day 22, 12h30 pm, end rnd 1/early rnd 2, clear sky

With shield and weapon ready, Arteris stands on the edge of the area affected by the magical spell. He knows that the ettins will come their way pretty soon.

Enzo takes a short moment to ponder the few options for him then rushes into the animated vegetation zone, heading for the nearest goblin which seems to be quite caught up with the plants around him. Daerwol charges up his new mace with crackling electrical energy and waits beside Arteris. Mellavin finishes his summoning spell and an hippogriff appears in the air, not far from him. He sends the graceful beast at the nearest ettin while he completes a
Bless spell on everyone!
benediction upon his friends. The hippogriff flies over the first ettin and hit the giant with its front hooves. Boramin remains silent and motionless, still watching how the situation will work out.

The free goblins move within the living area. While the two nearest the group head toward Enzo, the two others try to get out by the other side, further to the east. The ettins head straight toward Daerwol and Arteris. Enzo parries both attack with style even if both opponents use the flanking tactic. The two ettins progress toward both fighters, tearing the plants from the ground and ripping them from their bodies and finally get out of the living hell. The two other goblins exit the dangerous area as well but on the opposite side.


Enzo easily avoids the grappling vines, and attempts to activate the wand that concealed in his right-handed weapon. Immediately, the sly young man disappears from the dumbfounded goblins around him. Quickly, though, Enzo reappears, his blades well inside the first goblin.

The elven blade designed to kill goblins glows a deathly green as it smites its target. Almost as if controlled by the weapon, Enzo turns towards the remaining goblins, blood lust in the eyes. "Who's next?", he simply asks them.

Content to leave the entangle in place for now, Boramin sends a
magic missile with arcanist gloves
Dice Roll: 4d4+4
d4 Results: 1, 2, 2, 3 (Total = 12)
burst of magic missiles at the second ettin to soften it up for his allies.

The celestial hippogriff keeps going at the ettin it clawed at.

Meanwhile, Mellavin calls for

Divine Favor

Cleric 1, Paladin 1
V, S, DF
Casting Time:
1 standard action
1 minute

Calling upon the strength and wisdom of a deity, you gain a +1 luck bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls for every three caster levels you have (at least +1, maximum +6). The bonus doesn't apply to spell damage.

divine favor and runs to a spot with a
for charging
clear line towards the ettins.

An arcane word brang crackles of lightning to his mace again, and Daerwol continued to pummel at the monstrosity before him.

Day 22, 12h30 pm, end rnd 2/early rnd 3, clear sky

Jorr decides to aim further to take care of the fleeing goblins. His two arrows hit the goblinoid right in the back but it is still not enough to get rid of it. Arteris waits until the giant completely gets out of the plants and strikes twice with great aim, slicing the monster the two times.

Barely avoiding the grasping plants, Enzo finally disappears from sight and not before long, he reappears with his blade getting out of the goblin's guts to his left. His second strike wounds deeply the goblin caught up in the plants while his third isn't even aim at the third target. Daerwol takes a free blow as the ettin gets in front of him but the weapon only strikes the ground with a loud cracking as electricity discharges but rapidly he brings back his weapon in the monster's crotch, probably breaking something in the monster's lower body as the ettin screams while electricity courses through his body. The flying ally of the cleric hits once with a hooves while Mellavin casts another spell as he moves to get a clear line for charging. The hooves crush the ettin skull and it finally collapses to the ground, ending his screaming of pain from his former burns. Boramin seems satisfied as he proceeds with another spell and shoots forth a volley of silvery missiles that hit Arteris' ettin.

The remaining ettin concentrates his attacks on the paladin and tries to strike him with both morning stars but Arteris is more then capable of blocking everything the monster has to throw at him. Meanwhile the remaining goblin finally hits Enzo with a weak shot while his companion tries without success to get free from the entangling vegetation. The two remaining goblins find their wolfish mounts and disappear in the woods, fleeing the scene of combat.

The dwarf heads strait for the remaining ettin and tries to drive his spear in as deeply as possible, relying on the diversion of the hippogriff. The latter claws and bites at the ettin from the back.

With a yell, Daerwol stepped close to the remaining ettin, swinging in strong, broad arcs with his gleaming morningstar.


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